My Boyfriend Refuses to Wash His Butt, Prompting Extreme Measures

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In a relationship, certain unspoken expectations about personal hygiene come into play. You anticipate that your partner will shower regularly, brush their teeth, and, yes, wash every part of their body. However, these expectations aren’t always met. That’s exactly the case with the heroine of our story today. Buckle up, because this journey is anything but ordinary.

She shared what happened.

I recently learned that my boyfriend does not wash his butt in the shower. We were taking a shower together, and I noticed that he applied soap in his hand and gently rubbed his hand over his body. He said that he uses his hand to shower and not a loofah, washcloth, etc.

I also noticed that he didn’t wash his butt. He said that when he’s in the shower, the water rinses over his butt and that’s how he washes it.

I tried to be understanding, as maybe his parents never taught him how to properly shower. I then taught him. I thought we had come to an understanding that he would do so. That all happened on Saturday.

Now it is Tuesday, and I’ve asked him if he has washed his butt since that conversation we had. He said no, that he thought it was nasty to stick his hand in there to wash it. This time, I am starting to distance myself from the relationship. In my opinion, he is a grown man who doesn’t practice basic hygiene. In his opinion, he needs time to get comfortable with the idea of it.

I can’t tell if I’m being too harsh on him, or if my wanting to end things is justified. Do I throw away the best partner I’ve ever had over this?

She received advice from many to let him go.

  • This is why I don’t go into public pools. I feel unwell when I recall that, as a very little girl, I would accidentally swallow pool water while learning to swim. Now, as an adult, I think about all those people who don’t know how to clean themselves properly, who have peed or pooped just before entering the pool, and have only cleaned themselves using dry tissue paper. © fiery-sparkles / Reddit
  • I’m a dude. Your boyfriend is gross. © eightsidedbox / Reddit
  • There is a (small, I hope) group of people that think washing one’s butt makes one gay. How they expect to attract any women while smelling like an open sewer is something they have not yet been able to explain. © SamuelVimesTrained / Reddit
  • If a grown man can’t clean his butt, he probably isn’t wiping it well either. It’s a dealbreaker for me. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • Men like this will give you chronic yeast infections. © yvandre / Reddit
  • I have a friend who after years of marriage got divorced, and one of the top 3 reasons she listed when venting was his dirty butt. He’s not gonna change, and you will forever feel icky.
    © Ok_Environment2254 / Reddit
  • As a nurse who has unfortunately seen WAY too many men with unwashed butts, it IS gross. © GrannyB1970 / Reddit
  • Hygiene is a huge dealbreaker for some and hopefully most in this situation. That is seriously not okay and he either needs to fix it now, or learn the consequences of being nasty. I hope that you end up with a hygienic relationship, no matter the outcome of this one. © i***kedup0226 / Reddit
  • You shouldn’t have to explain basic hygiene to someone, especially an adult. © masterofmidnight / Reddit

By the way, in our other article, we provided tips on showering that could revolutionize your daily routine.


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