My Husband Revealed He Was Cheating after I Found Menstrual Pads, but His Real Plan Shocked Me

3 weeks ago

Our reader, Jane, 34, wrote to us with a surprising story. She found something unusual in her husband’s belongings: two menstrual pads. Shocked, Jane asked her husband about them. But what she discovered was far from what she expected.

Jane unpacked her husband’s suitcase as a small favor after his business trip.

Jane asked us to share her story as a lesson in trusting instincts. She describes her strong marriage, but recent events made her question everything. Her husband, a workaholic, often spends long hours away. After a business trip, he rushed back to the office, leaving his suitcase. Curious, Jane unpacked it herself and was shocked by what she found.

She recalls, “Throughout our marriage, there wasn’t a single reason not to trust him. But recent events made me want to throw him out.”

Jane continues, “He’s a workaholic who lives in his office, only coming home to sleep. Two weeks ago, he returned from one of such business trip. He entered the house, kissed me and put his suitcase near the entrance. Curious, I opened it and was shocked.”

The woman found something surprising in her husband’s stuff.

Jane continued her story, saying, “While sorting laundry in my husband’s dirty shirts, I found 2 unused menstrual pads hidden. I was shocked. When my husband returned home, he asked about his suitcase. I told him I unpacked it and found the pads. He seemed calm, claiming they were for a colleague who had her period during a business trip. But I didn’t believe him. I still had this gut feeling that something was extremely wrong, but there was no suitable explanation, so I decided to leave this topic for a while.”

A week later, Jane made another shocking discovery when her husband forgot his phone at home. In a hurry, he left it on the table. Seeing a text from someone named ’Anna Work’ about a plan with a plumber, Jane found it odd. When her husband returned, she waited until evening to confront him.

Insisting on an explanation, her husband remained silent. Frustrated, Jane took his phone and read aloud all the messages from ’Anna Work’.

The woman finally discovered her husband’s plan.

“While reading the messages, I discovered my husband’s affair,” she said, “finding out confirmed my suspicions of his infidelity, bringing relief.”

Jane explained, “But the worst revelation came next. The menstrual pads I found belonged to his colleague. They planned to use them to clog our toilet, blaming me for flushing them. Then, my husband would ask me to leave for a few days while he fixed it.”

She added, “Their plan was clever, playing on my guilt. But instead, I kicked him out. He’s begging me not to leave him, but I’m disgusted by their scheme.”

Women’s intuition can be a lifesaver in many situations, and their logic can work in their favor. Trusting your gut feeling and following it is crucial for avoiding trouble. It can even help teach offenders a lesson to never cheat again.

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