My Sister in Postpartum and Her Husband Asked Me Not to Wear a Bikini at the Beach. The Real Problem Appeared Not to Be Me

10 months ago

On Reddit, a user shared an intriguing and divisive narrative, seeking opinions on the appropriateness of her actions. In the following piece, you’ll delve into her tale and discover the diverse range of reader responses, who almost unanimously found the problem of the whole situation.

“I am on a family vacation with my parents, my sister, her son, her husband, and my kid and husband. We are by the sea, and yesterday was the first time we’d be going to a beach club.”

“My sister asked me not to wear a bikini or anything revealing because she said both she and her husband weren’t feeling the best about her postpartum body, and she really didn’t want to bring the topic up. I said I was sorry she felt that way, but I wasn’t going to spend a day roasting under an umbrella, unable to swim or enjoy myself. I said tons of women would be in bikinis, so I didn’t see why I made a difference.”

“We went to the beach, but my sis has been a wreck all day and refused to come with us.

My parents are now blaming me for not just wearing a cover-up that you can still swim in, claiming that if I keep wearing swimwear, it’s going to ruin the trip.”

After all these circumstances happened, the girl was still confused. So people were eager to share their opinion on this delicate situation. And not only about the girl’s behaviour. But mostly her sister’s husband’s attitude caused a flurry of disapproval.

  • Her husband doesn’t feel good about her postpartum body?? I think I’ve found the root of her insecurities. TimeSummer5 / Reddit
  • Husband should be supporting your sister, celebrating what she and her body did. Her body is diferent, that’s okay. That’s normal. Every body recovers from CHILD BIRTH differently. As someone with severe issues with my body image, my heart hurts for her, but that’s not your responsibiliy beyond being an ear and a shoulder and a kind word if she needs it. Your covering up wouldn’t have made her feel better. CaseyRC / Reddit

And some users even shared their own situation and attitude:

  • I’m 7 months pregnant with twins,I know my body is going to look different after I give birth and that’s ok! I’ve been carrying 2 extra bodies inside me for months and helping them grow. I sometimes feel insecure about how my body looks now but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell other to dress or not to dress a certain way. My body is different and it’s going to be different and that ok! withlove_07 / Reddit

Women are amazing in their pregnancy at every age and postpartum periods. But sometimes people are confused and not tactical in sharing their opinions about certain decisions women make during this time.

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