People Are Confident That Katy Perry Is Pregnant. Here’s What We Know About This

2 weeks ago

At the Billboard Women in Music event, Katy Perry appeared in a bold outfit consisting of a corset and a long skirt. The skirt had a revealing slit at the back, with black lingerie peeking out from the top. However, people started discussing not only her outfit and the singer’s unusual tattoo but also her abdomen. Some speculated that the singer might be expecting her second child.

Her daring outfit left anyone stunned.

Katy Perry made waves once again at the prestigious Billboard Women in Music event. At 39, Perry showcased her timeless beauty and fearless style in a stunning two-piece red gown. The strapless corset top highlighted her curves, while a daring neckline added a touch of allure. Perry’s low-rise skirt featured a lace-up design, showcasing her edgy style. With a hint of a black string thong peeking above the waistband. She strutted into the room with a vibe that screamed «effortlessly chic.»

Decked out from head to toe, she had all eyes on her. A string of pearls draped around her neck, giving off that classic vibe. Those same pearls hung from her ears, swaying gently as she moved. But it wasn’t just the pearls that made her stand out. Her lips were painted a bold shade of red, adding a pop of color to her look. And those heels? They were sky-high, making her confidence soar with every step.

Her hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail, with a fringe framing her face just right. It was a look that said, «I know what I’m about, and I’m here to slay.»

But it wasn’t just her look that raised questions among fans.

Amidst discussions about her daring outfit choice, a flurry of speculation erupted among onlookers, fueling rumors that Katy might be expecting her second child with Orlando Bloom. Social media platforms were flooded with comments and conjectures. One person confidently asserted their belief that she might be pregnant, «She is definitely pregnant,» and another one pondered aloud whether this could be her way of subtly announcing it: «Is this a reveal announcement?».

The speculation continued to ripple across social media, with some dropping hints about the possibility of a baby number 2 on the way. While others simply stated their observation that Katy appeared to be pregnant, or directly questioned, «Is she pregnant?».

The speculative frenzy added an extra layer of excitement to the already lively discussions surrounding the celebrity couple, as fans eagerly awaited any confirmation or denial.

Perry has previously discussed postponing baby plans with Orlando Bloom.

Although Katie has not confirmed her pregnancy, it’s been revealed that she and her 47-year-old fiancé Orlando Bloom plan to expand their family. This couple, set to marry soon, has a three-year-old daughter named Daisy Dove. Additionally, Katie will become a stepmother to Orlando’s 13-year-old son, Flynn, from his previous marriage to 40-year-old Miranda Kerr.

In May 2023, a source told The US Sun that Katie expressed her desire to give Daisy «a brother or sister.» They also mentioned her efforts to balance her busy schedule and prioritize family time: «Given their hectic projects, family time is becoming increasingly precious.»

However, during her appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last month, Katie, who announced her departure from Idol, emphasized her priorities of traveling and creating new music. The woman said, «So I think this will probably be my last season for Idol. I love Idol so much. It’s connected me with the heart of America, but I need to feel that pulse of my own beat. I love the show so much, but I wanna go and see the world and maybe bring new music.»

Katie is not responding to rumors and is not giving any comments. However, 10 days after the event, she posted a video on her Instagram, where she is dressed in a tennis dress and walking towards the court. Katie showcases her outfit in the video, and her abdomen is clearly visible. In this recording, it doesn’t seem like she is expecting a second child.

Apart from speculating about her possible pregnancy, people remarked on her «unusual» dress choice.

The buzz around Katy Perry’s potential baby news isn’t just about her expanding family. Some folks are also commenting on her outfit choices, especially considering her role as a mom. «Hey Katy, love you, but that outfit is a bit much for a mom; gotta have some respect,» one critic chimed in. Another added, «I don’t care how good I look...I wouldn’t wear that dress, especially as a mom. Come on, show some respect!»

This whole thing isn’t just about Katy — it reflects a bigger deal about how society sees celebrity moms. While some are eagerly waiting for baby news, others are quick to judge her fashion picks, hinting at what’s considered appropriate for moms in the spotlight.

The whole thing highlights the mixed messages and double standards moms deal with. Some say moms should embrace their individuality, but then others criticize them for not fitting the mold of what’s considered «mom-like.»

Recently, Selena Gomez has also been suspected of expecting a child with her partner Benny Blanco. Here’s what we know about this.


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