The Curious Reason Why Celebrities Refuse to Sign Autographs with Blue Ink Pens

6 months ago

A seemingly ordinary video capturing a celebrity signing autographs has sparked a heated discussion, all due to one intriguing detail. The Crown star Claire Foy, featured in the video, declined to sign autographs with a blue pen without explaining. This seemingly simple act has ignited a lively debate on social media, offering not only insights for celebrities but also engaging us, their fans.

A regular celebrity video has sparked significant interest among internet users.

A video depicting actress Claire Foy’s refusal to sign autographs with a blue pen has triggered a heated debate among users.

The footage features the 39-year-old British actress, renowned for her role as a young Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix drama series The Crown. Claire is engaged in a routine activity common to all celebrities — signing autographs for her fans. However, a particular detail highlighted in the video has circulated widely on the internet, leaving many people thoroughly perplexed.

In the TikTok video that was shared, someone presents Foy with a piece of paper and a blue pen for her autograph. However, upon noticing the pen’s color, the actress remarks, “I don’t do blue.”

“What?” the man asks, seemingly confused by her response, prompting her to repeat her statement. The actress is then approached by another person holding a black pen, and she stops nearby to sign their paper.

Beneath the clip, shared by user MickMickNYC, viewers swiftly inquired why the actress declined to use the blue pen.

The versions of such a weird action were numerous.

“That is the weirdest thing! No blue, wonder what the reason is?” one person wrote. Another user expressed a strong desire to know why the celebrity avoids using a blue pen. Some speculated that it might be perceived as a rude action, suggesting the actress refused to sign an autograph for one person but did so for another. Several users accused the actress of having an enormous ego and believed there might be a deep psychological reason behind her preference for signing autographs in black.

Some even went as far as to say that the award-winning actress was being impolite. They insisted that her dismissal of the fan had more to do with her not wanting her autograph to be sold. However, a user came to the thread, and the situation became entirely clear; it was not related to Claire’s personal attitude toward her fans.

Journalists contacted Foy for a comment, and it turned out she is not the only famous person who doesn’t sign in blue ink.

The reason for such behavior shocked many people with its rationality.

One user garnered over 10,000 likes for their comment that explained everything. The reason for Claire’s behavior was clarified: many celebrities and athletes are advised against using blue ink because it can be easily scanned, and the signature may be forged on other items, which could then be sold.

Another user provided further clarification, explaining that blue ink is extremely unsafe, as it allows people to transfer signatures easily to other items. This is why black ink is considered safer to use.

Additional details were disclosed on Instagram, where one person explained that autographs in colored ink often fetch higher prices on platforms like eBay. Some celebrities choose not to support a secondary market or the exploitation of their brand by avoiding the use of colored ink.

Some celebrities essentially refuse to sign autographs or take pictures with fans, and each individual has their own reasons.


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