We Used AI to See Different Actors in the Skin of Iconic Characters

10 months ago

The rise of remakes has caused mixed reactions among audiences due to casting choices. And casting directors seem to follow a recipe of combining iconic characters with well-known performers, although it doesn’t always work for the fans. So we decided to have some fun with it and see how popular characters could look after major recasting.

Superman — Elliot Page (“Man of Steel”)

Joey Tribbiani — Timothee Chalamet (“Friends”)

Monica Geller — Emma Watson (“Friends”)

Ted Mosby — Joe Keery (“How I Met Your Mother”)

© How I Met Your Mother / 20th Century Fox Television, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/East News

Carrie Bradshaw — Blake Lively (“Sex and the City”)

Samantha Jones — Scarlett Johansson (“Sex and the City”)

Paige Matthews — Lindsay Lohan (“Charmed”)

Phoebe Halliwell — Ana de Armas (“Charmed”)

Buffy Summers — Sophie Turner (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)

Special Agent Dale Cooper — Robert Pattinson (“Twin Peaks”)

Dana Scully — Sydney Sweeney (“The X-Files”)

Kelly Taylor — Jennifer Lawrence (“Beverly Hills, 90210”)

Brenda Walsh — Dakota Johnson (“Beverly Hills, 90210”)

Penny Hofstadter — Reese Witherspoon (“The Big Bang Theory”)

Phoebe Buffay — Lady Gaga (“Friends”)

Rachel Green — Margot Robbie (“Friends”)

These scenarios created with AI aren’t too far off from what could’ve been reality. For almost every single popular character, one of more famous actors missed out on that part for various reasons. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio could’ve played the role of Rick in The Mummy (1999).


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