What 20 Power Couples From Classic Movies Look Like Today

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Throughout cinema history, there have been characters that have become iconic and will be remembered by cinephiles forever. This also applies to the duos that, with their chemistry on stage, made us believe in love, but what are they up to now? Definitely, time went by, and although in their movies they are still young, nowadays we can see them enjoying a different moment of their lives.

1. Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis (Pete Mitchell and Charlie Blackwood in Top Gun)

Everett Collection / Everett Collection / East News, © BBC Radio 1 / Youtube

2. Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing and Monica Geller, in Friends)

3. Michelle Pfeiffer and Mel Gibson (Jo Ann Vallenari and Dale “Mac” McKussic, in Tequila Sunrise)

4. Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone (detective Nick Curran and Catherine Tramell, in Basic Instinct)

5. Charlie Sheen and Valeria Golino (Topper Harley and Ramada Thompson, in The Morning Show)

6. Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan (Sue Charlton and Michael Dundee, in Crocodrile Dundee)

Coleman-Rayner / East News, © 7NEWS Australia / Youtube

7. David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson (Mitch Buchannon and C.J. Parker, in Baywatch)

8. John Stamos and Lori Loughlin (Jesse and Becky, in Full House)

9. Ted Danson and Shelley Long (Sam Malon and Diane Chambers, in Cheers)

10. Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep (Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson, in The Bridges of Madison County)

VALERIE MACON / AFP / East News, Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / East News

11. Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell (Charles and Carrie, in Four Weddings and a Funeral)

© Along for the Ride / Screen Arcade, Instagram / Sipa USA / East News

12. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny (Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, in The X-Files)

13. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas (Elena Montero and Alejandro Murrieta, in The Mask of Zorro)

14. Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire (Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker, in Spider-Man 2)

15. Tom Hanks and Robin Wright (Forrest Gump and Jenny Curran, in Forrest Gump)

Phillip Caruso / Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS

16. Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman (Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, in Star Wars: Episode II — The Attack of the Clones)

17. Harrison Ford and Karen Allen (Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood, in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc)

© A Stage of Twilight / Cardinal Flix, Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP / East News

18. Diane Keaton and Woody Allen (Annie Hall and Alvy Singer, in Annie Hall)

© Good Morning America / Youtube, Mary Evans / Allstar / Graham Whitby Boot / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

19. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, in Twilight)

20. Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond (Tristan Ludlow and Susannah Fincannon-Ludlow, in Legends of the Fall)

Which film couples do you think will be iconic in the future? Which are your favorites?


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