Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

16 Humorous Comics That Show What Motherhood Is Really Like

A quote says “Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are.” A mother never stops being that, not when she is sleeping and not when she is on holiday. She is always there physically, emotionally and mentally. And while things can be very hard at times, there is always the funny side of things.

13 People Who Had to Experience Firsthand What “Expectation vs Reality” Really Means

We often buy things just because we like the packaging on the shelf or pictures online, and we hope that the thing we’ve purchased will meet our expectations. However, pictures don’t always correspond to reality, leaving us totally disappointed. This is what happened to the people featured in our article.

15 Times Tattoo Artists Turned Scars Into Pieces of Art

Tattoos aren’t only cool and beautiful to look at, but they are also a way to cover up scars that remind people of unpleasant things. You never get to forget these moments, but you don’t need to look at them every single day. That’s why some artists become experts in scar tattoos and we can’t be more grateful to them for their masterful work.

19 Creative People Who Made Their Homes Look Professionally Decorated

There’s nothing more beautiful than returning to your home and feeling comfortable and at ease to enjoy some time to rest. However, if your decor could be better, you may want to leave as soon as you arrive. That’s why some people take home remodeling into their own hands and get to work to create the perfect home.

10 Interior Design Mistakes That Can Easily Be Solved With Small Tricks

Some people are so obsessed with Feng Shui that whenever they set foot inside a room they can sense what goes against its rules. One massive mistake for example is placing greenery inside your bedroom. This tactic though, couldn’t be more right about the rest of your house that surely needs all the green illumination it can have. This and other small design tricks can fully transform the image of your interiors.

A Retired Carpenter From New Zealand Transforms Furniture Into Fairy-Tale Masterpieces

Henk is a 70-year-old man who seems to have a magic touch. With his hands, he makes unique furniture that could be part of the set of any fantasy movie. If you browse through his creations too quickly, it looks like his pieces are flawed, but in reality, they are top-notch and are ready to adorn any home that wants to stand out from the rest.

13 Celebrities Who Have Sentimental Stories Behind Their Tattoos

A study revealed that the primary reason why people get tattoos, is to mark an important experience or memory in their lives. And tattoos as art or as an expression of one’s self, are usually just a secondary motivation. Here are some celebrities who decided to ink their bodies to celebrate or commemorate a significant part of their existence.

15 Marvelous 3D Tattoos That Look Unreal

3D tattoos have to be some of the most difficult designs for any artist to successfully do. That’s because not everyone understands the two most important elements of them: perspective and shading. That’s why we did our research and found 15 absolutely stunning pieces that look otherworldly.

15 People Who Used Tattoos to Turn Their Scars and Birthmarks into Art

Some people get tattoos and then regret doing it. In fact, according to one survey, 78% of respondents regretted getting one. However, today’s heroes shouldn’t worry about that. They turned their scars and birthmarks into art pieces right on their bodies, and it seems that it’s difficult to start regretting such a decision. Let’s have a look at the results.

21 Special Tattoos That Hide a Very Meaningful Story

There are certain moments in our lives when we would like to stop time and just sit back and contemplate the scenery. But we know that nothing could be further from reality; that’s why there are those who have found tattoos the perfect way to immortalize people, pets, and even dates. For those who have had a dose of ink injected into their skin, it can be very special to take a look at their design and relive all the emotions and feelings of that time.

15 Times Architects Put All Their Artistry Into Their Work

Architecture has always been important and a way to make cities around the world prettier and grander. It is also a form of art that keeps changing and evolving as years go by and different styles disappear or re-appear. And having a great architectural design is mostly about creating a safe, useful and visually pleasing building. Most cities have had enough concrete buildings that only make every day life more grey.

18 Pieces of Art You Won’t Believe Are Edible

While baking and stacking a cake isn’t super expensive, since you only need a few basic ingredients, the decoration is another story. With people asking for imaginative themed cakes, bakers have to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen to finish the product. If you also add up all the extra ingredients, it’s no surprise that they have to charge a lot more. Luckily, some people are talented enough to make their own cakes and save up some money.

18 People Whose Imagination We Have to Chase in Order to Catch

Scientists divide creativity into two categories: the “little-c” and the “Big-C”. In the first category, we have tasks like making a birthday present or coming up with a hilarious joke. In the second category, things like writing an original poem and conducting an experiment are included. Falling under either one of the categories should be considered a moment of pride and the people we have gathered sure do fall in these categories.

18 People Who Created Something Simple Yet Genius

In today’s era, good design has never been more important for businesses to succeed and for customers to make their lives better. Either it’s digital or practical, being able to look at something that is visually pleasing and useful is of the utmost importance. It is also a way for designers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and win the market.

15+ Times Designers Left Us Completely Puzzled

Creativity is endless when it comes to design. There are so many aspects that can be enhanced for the products to be more convenient and beautiful. However, just like with everything else, the whole thinking process can suddenly go in the wrong direction. It’s not too bad though — at the very least we can have a laugh at the ridiculous results.

15+ Revolutionary Ideas That Will Make Our Lives Better

Thanks to the progress humanity has done so far, the lives of millions of people are quite comfortable nowadays. So much so that it can be hard for us to even imagine how things could be better. But this is the job of designers who prove that there are no limits to perfection with their groundbreaking ideas. We gathered some of those in this article.

15 Objects from the Past Only a History Expert Would Know About

There is a big love for antiques around the world and there are many people who are always on the search for them. Either they are collectors or they just want to own a few pieces, some of them want to feel connected to their past through them. Of course, some people collect them, restore them and resell them as a business, but some of them just do it as a hobby. Fortunately, these antique items do not disappear and continue to make our world a bit prettier.

20 Tattoos That Mean Much More Than Just a Cool Design

Sometimes tattoos can be therapeutic, because they are a way of exteriorizing our most inner thoughts and deepest feelings. Whether we want to pay tribute to a loved one, keep someone’s memory alive or celebrate an important event that marked our life, there is no better way than having them inked on our body. After all, a tattoo allows us to proudly wear on our skin what we carry in our heart, and that is what makes it so special.

16 People Who Gave Their Homes an Entirely New Look and Made Us Jealous

While having a roof over our heads is massively important, it is also necessary to like the place we live. That is because the better we feel in our house, the more autonomous we become and the more success we have in our career. There has been evidence showing that the better the quality of our home life is, the better our well-being is. So, if there is something you don’t like, try to set aside some money in order to transform it according to your liking.

20 Ingenious Inventions That Humanity Will Forever Be Grateful For

The whole point of innovation is creating things that don’t exist anywhere else or taking an existing feature and bringing it into new dimensions. That’s why so many people, once they’ve created their product, try to get it patented so that nobody else can use the same design or technology. In some cases, though, it’s not big companies that create these products, but also everyday people who do it just for fun.