19 Things From Designers Who Threw Logic Out the Window and Made Us Yell “What on Earth?”

9 months ago

In the world of peculiar and bizarre designs, it’s as if creativity took a detour through the land of “Why not?” instead of following the conventional highway of sensibility. These designs might make you scratch your head or burst into laughter, but one thing’s for sure: they prove that in the world of creativity, there’s always room for a quirky plot twist.

“A shank or a chip in? You decide.”

“Animal boots.”

“These arm pillows.”

“The slide at my local zoo is a prolapsed elephant.”

“The coolest thing I’ve ever peed in.”

“This mascot that’s meant to be a mascot of dentistry where I live.”

“I post this with nothing but love for it.”

“This corn plane in the Atlanta airport.”

“This pool float looks exactly like a maxi pad.”

“An Oregon Trail-themed bedroom.”

“Ribbed for your pleasure — meet the LOBS.”

“A very fancy-looking Transformer car.”

“Someone got a funny idea for these old jeans they weren’t wearing.”

“Just give me a ’quack’ and we can go on a world tour.”

“I really get a kick when I see this table. Don’t know about you.”

“Guys, what am I looking at?”

“Hands down the best gift I’ve ever bought someone.”

“The paper in this sliced cheese makes it look like it has mold spots.”

“This Toothed Cactus.”

Sometimes it seems like designers embraced their inner wild creators. These peculiar designs are like abstract paintings — you might not understand them at first when asking for help to understand the idea, but they’ll definitely make you think and do a double take.


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