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18 People Revealed the Stories Behind Their Tattoos

People usually ink their bodies for the sake of beauty or to cover a scar. They tend to choose drawings from a tattoo artist’s collection, like a flower or a wolf, which are very popular. But some people get a tattoo that has a special meaning for them — and while it may be tiny, it’s definitely not small when it comes to importance.

Thanks to the stories from Internet users, we at Now I’ve Seen Everything realize that tattoos can have a deeper meaning and celebrate truly emotional moments.

1. “My wife and I don’t like jewelry, so instead of wedding rings, we got wedding tattoos of our favorite dinosaurs.”

2. “This is my first tattoo. I’m deaf in my left ear and I’ve never been more excited.”

3. 2 sisters got matching tattoos, and their brother joined them.

4. “A memorial tattoo for our babies with a happy date — when we heard their heartbeats and found out they were twins.”

5. “A couple of weeks ago, I finished donating my second gallon of blood. Today, I got my tracker updated.”

6. “I just got my first tattoo in memory of my dog we had to put down a few months ago. It’s a play on the Wish You Were Here album cover.”

7. “My boyfriend and I decided to split up, but not before getting matching tattoos to celebrate our journey together. I’ve been obsessed with The Lord of the Rings for most of my life.”

“The tattoo traces the part of the trail that Frodo and Aragorn travel together. My boyfriend and I were very much in love when I survived a violent attack that almost ended my life. After that, he became my guide and protector. He supported me physically, emotionally, and financially. But like Frodo and Aragorn, it was eventually time to go our separate ways. Not because we stopped loving each other, but because we both had different paths to walk. I’m so happy I got to experience such deep love, even if that meant a painful end. On to the next chapter.”

8. “I just defended my Ph.D. studying antibodies and thought I should celebrate with a little antibody tattoo of my own.”

9. “I honored my birth givers with a tattoo.”

10. “My 77-year-young grandma just got her first tattoo and said it didn’t hurt at all.”

11. “I got an amazing cover-up of my old cherry tattoo to honor my late best friend who used to call me ’feather’ when she was alive.”

12. “I got this tattoo in memory of my father.”

13. “A complete stranger and I got tattoos of each other’s faces.”

“I wanted to do an experiment to see if it would be possible to get someone to do this with me and see if I could make a genuine friendship out of the experience.”

14. “My wife got a simple but meaningful tattoo — our son was 10.5 inches at birth.”

15. It’s never too late to get something you really want.

16. “I got matching tattoos with my siblings.”

17. “My 4-year-old daughter drew this for me, and I made it permanent.”

18. “I tattooed the solar system on my forearm and later got a mole on Jupiter, which now represents its Great Red Spot.”

Any piece of art, be it a painting, sculpture, or tattoo, is meaningful and has a story. Do you have a tattoo? Is there an interesting story that stands behind it? Share it in the comments below.

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