18 People Who Are Perfect at Finding Unconventional Solutions

2 years ago

There are certain things that most people do the same way because this was is widely known as the correct way. However, some of us might deviate from that and find a new way to do the same thing. Maybe it’s because they want to cut down on costs or because they have a wild sense of humor.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a huge fan of creativity and we love to see others putting their brains to work even if it’s not in a conventional way.

1. Fixing the sink for $0

2. “My husband is technologically challenged.”

3. “Graduated from home. Had to improvise on the regalia.”

4. “My son and I found some ants on the porch. He ran into the house and came back wearing this to scare them away.”

5. “Forgot to get a fork for my salad and chicken. Only needed a few zip ties and tape.”

6. “Toilet paper ran out... problem solved.”

7. “Needed something for the dog to get out of the pool easier.”

8. “This farm boy ain’t paying $19 for a phone holder.”

9. “Custom paint job”

10. Yep, that should do it.

11. “My parents’ cats have been attacking too many birds in the backyard. Here’s solution #1.”

12. “When there’s a heatwave and you don’t own an air conditioner”

13. “Baking pan as electrical box cover at a restaurant.”

14. “My brother was tired of coming over to fix the TV for my parents because they pushed the wrong button.”

15. “My 11-year-old scotch-taped the phone to his face so he could play on the Xbox and talk at the same time.”

16. “When you forget your spoon at home”

17. “I ran out of wrapping paper and had to improvise. It’s nearly unnoticeable.”

18. “My girlfriend is a master in the art of engineering. She said, ‘I’m sick of not being able to use half my fridge!’”

Did you ever think of, or see anyone else think of, a solution that made a lot of people look closer and chuckle?

Preview photo credit N3kkid / reddit


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