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21 Things That Only Needed a Bit of Elbow Grease to Look Their Best Again

There are people who like to keep their homes sparkling, shiny, and tidy. But there are also others who have stopped paying attention to the bathroom, which was once white, or to the oven, which has food stuck to it since last year’s festivities. There may be few people brave enough to take on the challenge of doing a deep clean that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we have collected examples of extreme makeovers achieved through the power of cleaning, as well as a little bit of elbow grease, of course.

1. “30 minute soak in vinegar”

2. “Before and after deep cleaning my room.”

3. “BKF!!! Love this stuff.”

4. Before, a yellow shower. After, a white shower.

5. “Cleaned behind a neglected stove (before vs after)”

6. “Brass cleaner is worth the investment.”

7. “Swoons in delight!!! 🤩 (used Pink Stuff and window cleaner)”

8. “Got a deep highlighter stain out of the carpet after a couple of hours”

9. “Cleaned my bathroom faucet knobs, so easy!!”

10. “On to the next room!”

11. “Finally tried out Bar Keepers Friend on my sink! It’s not perfect but good enough 🤙🏼”

12. “Took A LOT of scrubbing but years of grease/burns gone!”

13. “I hardcore cleaned my oven, and I’ve never felt so satisfied.”

14. “Stayed at my bf’s apartment while he was away. I don’t think this shower head’s been cleaned since his first day there...”

15. “You guys weren’t kidding about Bar Keepers Friend...”

16. “Cleaned under the kitchen sink! Used dish soap and warm water, followed by Bar Keepers Spray.”

17. “Power washed for the very first time, thought you guys would enjoy.”

18. “Neglected warehouse floor”

19. “Plug socket before and after.”

20. “Gave my depression dungeon a makeover! I think my dog liked the pile of clothes better lol!”

21. Instant silver cleaning

After seeing these transformations, tell us: is there anything in your home that has accumulated so much dirt that you’ve been inspired to deep clean it?

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