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10 Actors Who Play Tough Guys on Screen but Are Big Softies in Real Life

Filming blockbusters requires serious physical training from their starring actors because it’s hard to imagine a superhero without steel muscles. Actors have to work out for hours to get coveted 6-pack abs. But when the filming is finished, the actors can relax and get out of shape. And so we can see that they are ordinary people just like us.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we know what it’s like to let yourself eat more than you have to, or skip a jog. And we want to say to the heroes of this article, “Guys, you’re the best no matter what!”

1. Chris Pratt

2. Mark Wahlberg

3. Channing Tatum

4. Ben Affleck

5. Marlon Wayans

6. Gerard Butler

7. Jake Gyllenhaal

9. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman posted his photo and tweeted, “When people tell you ’you don’t look 50′ part of you believes it... until you see yourself sleeping.” Hugh once again proved with his own example that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.

9. Tobey Maguire

10. Jason Momoa

According to viewers and critics, there are no bad actors in this article. But everyone is different, and their opinions also may differ. Do you think that the actors who portray superheroes should always stay in shape, or they can have their own weaknesses?

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