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12 Famous Women Who Relied on Their Shoes to Help Them Impress People

If art is the process where someone puts their creativity and imagination in an actual form, then shoes are definitely one form of that. Shoes come in different shapes, forms and colors and oftentimes they are not only meath to be useful, but also to catch people’s attention. In the same way as sculpture and painting, they can also invoke feelings and emotions.

Shoes can be the center of attention and Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 12 occasions where celebrities understood that footwear isn’t just small accessories.

Taylor Swift

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The singer sported Sophia Webster’s butterfly heels at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, which perfectly complemented her jumpsuit. Fans immediately began to throw around theories as to why Swift chose such an unusual pair of shoes. Some people decided that the singer wanted to show the evolution of her work this way — she left her cocoon and became a butterfly.

Elle Fanning

In 2021, Loewe became one of the main hits during Fashion Week thanks to their shoes with heels that looked like strange objects — a nail polish bottle, a rose, a cake candle, and a broken egg. The shoes were often discussed online, but they weren’t seen in real life until Elle Fanning decided to wear a pair. She described them as “an egg-cellent outfit for the morning.”

Katy Perry

The famous singer is known for her love of extravagant items. In 2012, she came to Paris Fashion Week wearing Prada flame sandals.

Margot Robbie


Margot is not afraid to wear extravagant shoes. For example, she was once noticed sporting shoes that featured all fashion trends of that season: they were mules inspired by western boots with square toes and metallic details.

Angelina Jolie

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In 2014, during the premiere of Maleficent, Angelina Jolie had a collaboration with Christian Louboutin. Together, they created shoes with a curve at the heel. The shoes were inspired by the image of the main character.

Jolie wore them during the entire promo tour for the film, so a lot of people discussed them. But it wasn’t just for the purpose of making sales: the money earned from these shoes was given to charity.

Sarah Jessica Parker

In 2011, Sarah Jessica Parker made an appearance to promote her movie, Don’t Know How She Does It. The actress came out to her fans wearing Christian Louboutin’s lion paw pumps.

Celine Dion

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Celine Dion has around 10,000 pairs of shoes in her collection that she stores in a warehouse in Las Vegas. Of course, there are some truly unique pieces in this big collection. One of them is a pair of Saint Laurent boots covered with crystals, worth $10,000.

Marion Cotillard

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The French actress is a big fan of eye-catching footwear. Almost all of her red carpet outfits include a striking pair of shoes. For example, she appeared at the Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show in Paris wearing heels of different shapes.

Blake Lively

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It is a known fact that the actress is a big fan of Christian Louboutin shoes. When her husband received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Blake accompanied him wearing a gorgeous blue dress and another pair of heels by this designer. These sandals were made from different materials of diverse colors and textures.

Sandra Bullock

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Everyone was looking at Sandra Bullock’s legs in 2015 when she arrived at the premiere of Minions wearing shoes with pictures of the animated characters on them. On the tips, there were funny eyes in protective glasses, exactly like the characters, and there were eyelashes above the heels. The replicas of the shoes with Bullock’s autograph were later presented at the Charity Buzz auction.

Zoe Saldaña

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At the 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Zoe donned elegant and seemingly ordinary white pumps. But it takes special skill to walk the heels like this.

Selena Gomez

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In 2018, the singer appeared at a teen event in elegant pumps with crazy high heels that looked like a work of modern art.

Do you own any daring pair of shoes and if you do, what are they? Do you think that people should be more courageous when choosing their shoes?

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