15 Incidents That Left People Asking the Universe for a Break

2 years ago

Some folks live through such unpleasant situations that it’s hard for us to wrap our heads around them. Like a car tire that grew a massive ball on its side or being served a burger with a moldy bun. Fortunately, even if unlucky, these people are resilient and make the most out of their anecdotes. Online, they often transform into a good laugh and a warning to others.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants you to know you’re not alone with this compilation of other people’s bad days.

1. “Got my lunch stolen.”

2. “The way my wife loaded the dishwasher”

3. “My partner borrowed my car for a few days and gave it back like this.”

4. “The bun on this burger I ordered this morning”

5. “The mirror in my hotel bathroom has an antifog section. Unfortunately, I’m 5’2”."

6. “First time I ordered shoes online”

7. “I have to pay to use the plus sign with this calculator app.”

8. “This sticker came off with no glue on it. It all remained on the laptop.”

9. “Came home from vacation to find my cactus had given up on life.”

10. “These people are walking down the middle of the road to their car. This has gone on for over a minute.”

11. “Each person took a turn slamming their shopping cart into the front of my new car.”

12. “When your tire goes bazooka:”

13. “This toy I bought for my son is advertised as looking realistic, and you can’t see it until you open the package.”

14. “An off-centered pillar on a building in my city”

15. “Toast it is.”

What is something that usually tests your patience? What relaxes you after an annoying situation?

Preview photo credit bloominbloom / Reddit


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