Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 People Who Treated Their Past Like a Million-Dollar Gemstone

Looking at our past relaxes us, gives us confidence and makes us feel optimistic about our present and future. It also brings us closer to the people around us, both those who were there in the past and are new in our lives. One of the best ways to connect with someone is to start talking about your past. And there is nothing more fullfiling than going down memory lane with your loved ones.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wanted to share 15 pictures that show how people made sure to maintain things and relationships from their past in the best condition possible.

1. “I got to shoot a 55th Wedding Anniversary! They even had the original glasses and cake topper.”

2. “It’s all I wanted for my 60th birthday.”

3. “20 years later.”

4. “Our parents are moving from our childhood home, had to recreate this to say goodbye.”

5. “Same drama.”

6. “To celebrate our 50th anniversary, my wife and I recreated our wedding pic. She’s wearing the same dress.”

7. “Me in my Snoopy sweater in 1981, my son in the same sweater in 2017, and my daughter in the same sweater in 2020.”

8. “A recreation almost to the day of our Disneyland Trip in 1999. Slightly terrifying are the people in the background lining up almost exactly, no?”

9. “Me holding on to my girl at my high school graduation in 2002. I’m holding on to her even tighter at hers in 2020.”

10. “My daughter and me in the same stroller, 30 years apart”

11. “My sister and I recreated our first picture together.”

12. “My son with my Tonka hook and ladder. 35 years and going strong.”

13. “Veteran and his wife recreate their wedding photos.”

14. “5th generation of use — my daughter pushing my great-grandmother’s doll stroller through the woods.”

15. “Me & my BFF, taken 20 years apart.”

Do you miss things from your past and how do you show your appreciation to people and things that are still present in your life?

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