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15 People Who Want to Celebrate Their Personal Win With Everyone Online

Sharing your progress with people online is a great way to help you achieve your end goal, as a study has found. You are inviting people to inspire and cheer on you, while you keep yourself accountable. You know that these people are rooting for you, which is an extra reason to keep going. And if things don’t go as you wish, you know that you will have to explain it to them and yourself.

Now I’ve Seen Everything sees nothing wrong in celebrating people’s personal victories that they worked really hard to achieve.

1. “2019 — 2022 (300 lbs loss)”

2. “In the last year I have lost over 200 lbs from exercise and gastric sleeve surgery.”

3. “The result of my 10 years transformation challenge. I started bodybuilding more seriously about 3 years ago.”

4. “Not done yet but face gains really surprised me!”

5. “From 98 lbs to 148 lbs in 1 year and 8 months”

6. “No exercise, just patience. I put down that extra snack. 101 lbs gone in a bit over a year.”

7. “I lost 295 lbs in the last decade.”

8. “Maintaining, no skin removal as of yet. These are my old favorite pants!”

9. “It took me about 5 years of working out for this.”

10. “The amount of happiness and confidence I’ve gained over my journey has been astounding.”

11. “298 lbs to 147 lbs in 15 months”

12. “From 600 to 235 pounds”

13. “Gradually over a few years I went from my highest weight of around 280 lbs to my current weight around 145 lbs.”

14. “Thanks to swimming 3 days a week and finally eating enough, I gained sixty pounds in the last two years.”

15. “Law School Graduation v First Trial Win. A lot has changed over the last 2.5 years and 205 lbs.”

Do you enjoy exercising? What’s the last goal you set for yourself? Let us get to know you a bit by sharing your own story in the comments.

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