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17 People Who Had Tattoos in Order to Honor Something Special

When tattoos were first discovered, they were associated with criminals and other societal deviants. According to a small research, 28% of those who have tattoos have chosen something that has a deep meaning for them. And as one of the participants said, “My body is a book, my tattoos are my story.” We are sure that this is how many of the people out there who paint their bodies with tattoos feel.

Now I’ve Seen Everything knows that tattoos are just a small gesture to show your love and appreciation about things and people in our lives, and here are 17 of the best we could find.

1. “My twin brother and I as kids done by Sam at wicked in Penrith Sydney.”

2. “A tattoo for my sister and I. Us against the universe.”

3. “They are my children, the middle one is no longer with us.”

4. Gone, but never forgotten

5. “His and hers, first tattoo for my wife, left in the photo.”

6. “I have one on my forearm in honor of my daughter.”

7. “Decided to get my first tattoo on my 23rd! A lot of people don’t even know I have hearing issues until I tell them, so this is just a helpful reminder.”

8. A couple’s tattoo

9. “Bats for me and my stepchildren”

10. “In memory of the first kitten I loved with all my soul — 2 years ago, he went missing...”

11. “My favorite tattoo, always. A realistic portrait of my dog’s paw. Forever, and always my heartbeat at my feet.”

12. Looking at each other

13. “My dog who passed away in August 2019. 14 years she accompanied me, since her 43 days of life, my faithful companion.”

14. “Single needle silhouette tattoo of my grandpa who passed away in July of this year.”

15. “I lost my old boy, Sebastian, last month. I had my first tattoo in his honor.”

16. “My dad always told us legends about hummingbirds. When he was no longer with us, hummingbirds appeared everywhere, even in the cemetery — they were there!”

17. A family picture forever

Do you have a tattoo in order to commemorate something or someone in your life?

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