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Now I've Seen Everything

18 People Who Dusted off Old Photos and Couldn’t Resist the Urge to Recreate Them

Many of us love to bring back our most emotional memories, like when we first went to school or learned to ride a bike. Photos have that magic of transporting us to those moments, and they become more endearing when we compare them with today, as we can see how much we have grown in various aspects.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we have gathered evidence of the passage of time. We believe that perhaps its protagonists loved to see their “past selves.”

1. “The family car and me, 20 years apart”

2. “Me and my son both at 9 months. 35 years apart”

3. “My parents, 1970 vs 2022”

4. “My mother and I on our wedding days, 26 years apart.”

5. “In 1989 I loved a perm and a scrunchie or three, and I recently recreated the style for an ’80s night in Edinburgh.”

6. “My Dad in his early twenties and me in my late teens”

7. “Younger sister and I graduating eight years apart. First time post.”

8. “Prom and wedding day, 16 years apart! Beaker has been with me through milestones, heartaches, celebrations, and challenges. She’s 19 now and still my favorite girl ❤”

9. “Dad is from Madagascar, mom was born in Egypt but of Greek descent. My mother and I, 32 years apart.”

10. “My first day of kindergarten 30 years apart”

11. “Only two years apart”

12. “My parents in 1975 and again in 2020. They’ve been married and playing music together for over 45 years now!”

13. “A photo of myself and my dad, wearing the same glasses 35 years apart”

14. “I looked through my mom’s photo album to find that she took this picture at Schönbrunn Palace during a college trip (1991). I remembered that I took the same picture at the same place during a high school field trip (2017).”

15. Father and son. They look like two drops of water

16. “My dad (1985ish?) and I (NYE 2017)”

17. “Even after 10 years, some things never change”

18. “My family and I, Disneyland CA, 13 years apart”

Which photo of your “past self” when compared to your “present self” was a pleasant surprise? Share it with us — we want to see it!

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