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Now I've Seen Everything

19 Pictures That Prove Cameras Are True Time Machines

Photographs are an important document of how things were at one time. They also serve to appreciate people we love, remember feelings, and keep a record of our adventures. Some people took the fun of reminiscing to another level and recreated the poses of their youth and ancestors.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we compiled those images with which certain people played to reproduce what has already happened, and invite us to reflect on the enjoyment of life, apart from a bonus that warms the heart.

1. “My mom and I getting ’called to the bar’ as lawyers 35 years apart. 1981 — 2016”

2. “My sister and I graduating headstart vs us graduating college”

3. “Me on the left, my son on the right, 39 years apart”

4. “TIL my Great Great Grandfather had the same dog I have now in 1920”

5. “My husband and me in 1990 and 2017”

6. “My 4th great grandparents in front of their house. She passed away in 1869. My kids are the 8th generation to live in the same house. I wish the picture was in better shape.”

7. “26 year difference. My 4th birthday in 1994 getting my first pink ranger doll to my 30th birthday in 2020 fully realizing the pink ranger mantle. Clearly, the love for pink has only evolved. 💪🏻⚡️💖”

8. “17 years, our first and last picture.”

9. “My Grandma and Dad 1966 and 2020”

10. “We were destined to get this Titanic set (1998 vs 2022)”

11. “I work with the same doctor that delivered me 21 years ago.”

12. Father and son repeated the same photo after 13 years.

13. “On top, the daughter of a slave. On the bottom, an Ivy League student. Great-great-grandmother and great-great-granddaughter, 1887 vs 2017.”

14. “My Grandmother: same location 1920 & 2010”

15. “My parents 1982/2020, 38 years married and still in love. Always and forever <3”

16. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, whose friendship has been time-tested. Years 2008 and 2019

17. “Grandma in 1955 vs me in 2022. Still no cherry blossoms yet...”

18. “Same campus, 20 years apart. College junior, now a mom of two.”

19. “Two pictures, ~18 years apart. I’m the one on the far right.”

Bonus: the most important things are timeless

What photographs from the past would you like to recreate with your family?

Preview photo credit Jamescovey / Reddit
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