Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

10+ Office Secrets No Boss Will Tell You About

You might think that your boss and HR keep you up with all the workplace rules when you join a company. However, there is more to what meets the eye. Apart from monitoring your performance, there is a lot going on behind the screens. For instance, sometimes the HR may not be able to help you in certain situations or your employer may have a favorite even if they admit they don’t. We’ve got it all covered for you below.

12 Double Standards That’ll Drive Any Parent Crazy

It seems that a lot of people like to criticize other people’s families. Grandparents, colleagues, friends, and even strangers seem to find it quite entertaining because, for some reason, they believe that only they know what is right and what is not. They can also be prone to double standards. Even though we live in the 21st century, some people still think that it’s a woman’s responsibility to raise children, so they often become the object of criticism. In comparison, fathers seem to be doing great by default.

13 Correct Things Our Parents Used to Teach Us in Childhood That We Ignored

You can talk forever about children and parents. At a young age, we oftentimes don’t understand the older generation, and their words and requests seem silly or weird to us. But the gap between generations reduces with age and we come to understand that a lot of what our parents told us was actually wise and correct. And our comics below illustrate that well.

11 Spot-On Answers to Tactless Questions That Will Prevent Any Unwanted Advice

People sometimes can be really tactless and ask you about your salary, marital status, and many other things we consider private. But we’ve prepared a cheat sheet for you that can help you answer tactless or even rude questions with humor and confidence.

14 Phrases That Parents Should Exclude From Their Vocabulary When Talking to Their Children

Parents often nag their children, saying things like: be quiet, behave, sit up straight, hurry up, etc. And they believe that this is the only way to teach their offspring to behave in public. Unfortunately, most of these remarks can do a lot of harm to your kids’ psyche. We decided to study the work of some modern psychologists and put together a list of phrases that should be removed from parents’ vocabulary for good.

10 Business Etiquette Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Want a Promotion

Today, when you’re starting a new job, you should not only learn more about the company and ask about the dress code but also find out what etiquette rules should be followed. If you know them, you will quickly become a well-respected person among your colleagues and business partners. Here are some common mistakes people make when they don’t know the etiquette rules.

13 Heart-Warming Comics That Show How Differently Our Moms and Dads React to Our Problems

Most of us know quite well that our mothers and fathers react to similar situations in different ways. Even their methods of upbringing can differ noticeably. For example, some things are allowed only when mom is around, while others can work out only with dad. We decided to compare these 2 so different parental approaches in these funny comics.

13 Situations That Prove Rich and Poor People Come From Different Worlds

It’s no secret that poor people and wealthy folks have different habits and behave differently in similar situations. The fact is that these 2 groups of people grow up in different environments, so they look at the same things from different perspectives.

15 Illustrated Comparisons That Prove Why It’s Silly to Be Nostalgic About the Past

The 2000s will always be remembered for its crazy fashion, the appearance of mobile phones, and lots of different subcultures. Today, when we think about ourselves from 20 years ago, we can hardly believe we were those people.

16 False Narratives That Our Society Makes Us Believe to Be True

One of the main things society keeps reminding us is that we need to make and spend a lot of money. It also lies about how people can and do make a lot of money and forgets to mention that hard work is needed. Basically everything revolves around consumerism and money and you can see that everywhere you look. It takes a very strong-minded person to notice these lies and resist falling into their traps.

13 Useful Tips for Building Tolerance: How to Be More Tolerant of Others

In our daily lives, we may find ourselves facing situations or people that we find difficult to tolerate because they think or act differently than we do. But it is possible to improve this aspect of our personality by learning to respect and value diversity. But tolerance isn’t easy, since it requires us to stop thinking from our own perspective and learn how to see things from the eyes of other people. Being able to tolerate someone’s different point of view takes a lot of effort and willingness to understand others.Imagine how you would feel if people around you were rejecting your ideas and opinions just because they couldn’t understand them. You would wish that they were more tolerant with you and that’s exactly what they would want from you. So, for everyone to be a more accepted person, we all need to work on our tolerance and try to see things from others’ points of view.

9 Hidden Signs That You Might Lose Your Job Tomorrow

The only thing worse than getting fired — is getting fired unexpectedly. This event not only puts your financial situation at risk but also damages your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are some signs that indicate how stable your position in the company is.

10 Lifelong Habits Rich People Figured Out a Long Time Ago That the Rest of Us Think Are Nonsense

The countless recommendations on how to become rich are mostly about reading books and not forgetting about establishing a safety net. But if things were really this simple, most millionaires would be linguists that just read books. Really wealthy people actually do read a lot, but they also have other habits that make their wealth grow.

4 Reasons Why People Ghost and How to Avoid It

According to a 2018 study, about 25% of men and women have been ghosted and 22% admitted to having ghosted someone themselves. And when we get ghosted, many questions pop up in our heads, with the most common being “why?”. And while that can make us feel like we did something wrong or that we are not enough, there are other reasons people ghost. It doesn’t mean that you are to blame.

11 Easy Ways to Use Body Language to Your Advantage

Scientists say that most of the information we get is nonverbal (from 70% to 93%). This means that rather than listening to another person, we tend to look more at the person’s body language, their facial expression, tone of voice, and so on. That’s why it’s so important to know at least the basics of those things to understand others better and make sure they get you, too.

10+ Telling Signs That You Should Show More Love to Yourself

What do you do when you love someone? Perhaps, you take care of this person, make good things for them, and support them. The same things can be applied to yourself. But if your interests and desires are always your last priority, probably you don’t respect yourself much.

7 Undercover Techniques Used in Job Interviews to Test Applicants

On the surface, job interviews are a crucial step for employers to get to know you and your professional profile. Hiring managers can glean an immense amount of information about applicants with simple questions. While it may seem easy on the surface, this can include hidden tests to reveal whether what you say is the truth or not.

14 Parenting Mistakes That Can Prevent a Child From Achieving Financial Success

All parents dream of having their children do well in school, stay out of trouble, and be successful when they grow up. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that can help your child achieve this, but psychologists identified several parenting mistakes that can reduce your child’s chances of becoming successful in the future.