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15+ People Whose Experiments With Their Looks Ended Differently Than They’d Thought

Transformations have great power in our minds, all thanks to TV and movies. We’re all so familiar with a magical change when the main character gets a complete makeover and looks like a princess afterward. This trope leads us to believe that if we do something radical to our hair, it must end up perfect, even if we do it at home and have no experience in hairdressing. Unfortunately, in reality, the results may differ.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some pics that go to show that experimenting is great fun, but we have to be prepared for any outcome.

1. “Expectation vs Reality”

2. “I’m still experimenting a lot with my hair — expectation on the left, reality on the right.”

3. “I’m reluctant to call what my wife did to me a haircut.”

4. “I tried to bleach the fiery color out so I could go silver lavender but the yellow won’t come out! I bleached twice and used a color remover.”

5. “When you ask for a line but the barber gives you an entire highway”

6. “I got my hair balayaged yesterday, and today I noticed my hair looked slightly weird.”

7. “My hairdresser ’had no idea’ how this happened.”

8. “Hair color disaster. I spent $100 to get a professional bleach and color. It was supposed to be smokey lavender.”

9. “My boyfriend decided to get a $5 haircut and it shows.”

10. “I recently moved and tried the local barber.”

11. “I wanted a bubble gum pink color for this summer but I got orange hair instead.”

12. “So I tried to cut my hair...”

13. “My friend was begging me to cut her hair for a whole week. For some reason, she was sure that I wouldn’t disappoint her. I agreed and you can see the result. I tried to do my best!”

14. “I asked for balayage, and I’m really unhappy with the result. On the stylist’s Instagram, it looked much better than mine.”

15. “I helped my sister to dye her hair purple. We bleached it, then we used permanent brights. It came out a dull blue instead of purple. Most of the color is gone now.”

16. “I paid $300 to get my curly hair managed.”

Have you ever had unsuccessful experiments with your appearance? Do you still regret any of your transformations?

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