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Now I've Seen Everything

15 Elastic Cats Who Prove No Space Is Small Enough for Them

According to statistics, around 600 million cats exist worldwide, meaning millions of households choose them as pets. Maybe it’s because they are small and independent and they don’t need too much of people’s time. And one characteristic many of them shares is that they like to fit themselves in the tiniest spaces they can find.

1. “This is Basil, and he’s 1 gallon.”

2. “My cat when he thinks there’s no one home.”

3. That must be some new type of flower.

4. Looks comfortable, I guess...

5. “Sleeping cat in bowl-shaped bed.”

6. “Hide and seek on a new level”

7. There must be a reason cats love vases so much.

8. “A liquid has no fixed shape therefore it takes the shape of any container.”

9. Say hello to Dixie, the liquid cat.

10. “Purrrfect fit.”

11. “So smol. So smug.”

12. “Maybe not quite liquid yet but definitely melting.”

13. “Bowlful of cat”

14. “My girlfriend’s cat was reunited with the basket he was brought home in.”

15. Ready to be strained.

Do you have a cat at home and if so, did it ever try to fit itself in the most unusual place possible?

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