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15+ Kids Who Can Have Anyone Rolling in the Aisles

Scientists say that children can understand humor pretty early on. For example, a study showed that some kids that were only three (but more commonly five) years old, started to understand irony. But of course, to make jokes you need to have a good perception of the things around you as well as developed language skills.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe that you don’t need to know all of the ins and outs of humor to have fun together, so here are some great examples of hilarious kids.

1. “If your kids want to take a picture of you, they will use it for evil.”

2. “Asked my 7-year-old to plug the iPad in.”

3. “Took my daughter to work. She found this mask in a prop drawer. Not much work was done that day.”

4. “My nephew’s homework when he was 8.”

5. “Stepped out of the kitchen for a moment, and my daughter tried to help season the potatoes.”

6. “My 4-year-old made his sister a bracelet.”

7. “Hide and seek with my niece”

8. “My daughter is selling chocolate for a fundraiser. I told her to leave me a note to remind me to grab a box to sell at work. This is what I woke up to.”

9. “I finally figured out how to keep my son out of my bedroom.”

10. “My 6-year-old ready to own ’crazy hair day’ in his kindergarten class.”

11. “Just found her chilling here for over an hour.”

12. “Hello, Reddit, may I present to you, my son.”

13. “My nephew’s hide-and-seek strategy that resulted in many minutes of screaming after he was ’found too fast.’”

14. “My 9-year-old son’s view on pizza...”

15. “Mommy, there’s green goo coming out of my waffle!”

16. “My kid’s first snowman — he wanted to make sure it had a ’long neck.’”

17. “Glad I made the cut.”

What is the most humorous thing you’ve ever seen a kid do or say?

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