Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15+ People Who Didn’t Give Their Designs a Second Thought

It is shocking to find out that about 85% of the people in the world are very unhappy with their current job position. Maybe this is why the level of incompetence is so high in every job field. And we can see that everywhere around us, with designs and results that are very disappointing.

Now I’ve Seen Everything searched the internet and found 17 of the most poorly made designs that could make you weep from laughter.

1. “This bench area that floods when it rains.”

2. “You’d better not drop your card while you’re withdrawing cash.”

3. “I’m not your f.r.i.e.n.d, buddy.”

4. “My sister’s staircase”

5. Great product design.

6. “This tissue dispenser at the vet’s office”

7. “My girlfriend thought she found the perfect winter coat until she put the hood up.”

8. “A mannequin at my nearby supermarket”

9. “The worst bathroom I have ever seen in a hotel.”

10. “When airlines want to give you lollipops”

11. “These are stairs.”

12. “Think bog”

13. “This toiletry trash can that opens into the other stall”

14. “Existential crisis pug”

15. “Yeah, totally pizza...”

16. “Just some casual kiwi eating another kiwi”

17. “They took ’open space’ a little too far on this one.”

Have you ever seen a product or architectural design that was so badly made, even an amateur could have done it better?

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