Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Times People Learned Curious Things and Couldn’t Help but Share Them With the Internet

Coconut cream suddenly turned blue, pink pigeons and pineapples, or white leaves on a plant — each day can be filled to the brim with fun discoveries that turn your world upside down. Today’s heroes found something that made them exclaim, “No way!” and shared those things online.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered their findings and made a compilation that will boost your knowledge about everyday things.

“My variegated dragon scale Alocasia after 2 green leaves blessed me with a fully white/cream leaf!”

This is a $1,000 bill.

  • It is still legal tender. If you find one, you can deposit it at any bank for $1,000. But their real worth far exceeds the face value. Collectors often pay far more for one of these bills if it’s in good shape. © topcat5 / Reddit

“Old can of coconut cream turned blue in my fridge.”

This is a sperm whale tooth.

A spiderweb can hold at least a tablespoon of water. It’s remarkable how strong it is.

“It’s snowing sticks instead of flakes today.”

This is what happens when you leave a case of soda in the trunk of your car when the overnight temperature is −25 °F.

This limited-edition Pepsi bottle

“Grabbed a drink from the mini-fridge and noticed half of it froze.”

“The way my chai latte froze in the car”

Seedless kiwi

Behind a movie theater screen

“I saw this electric Nutella dispenser in Germany.”

“The tropical fruit I bought included a pink pineapple.”

“The book I borrowed was last lent 41 years ago.”

“My girlfriend has a piece of china made in England and a Kazakhstani enamel pot with identical flower patterns.”

“This escalator that I went on today in one of the buildings in Rockefeller Center”

“My phone vibrated when I was taking this photo.”

“We found these scissors while remodeling a laundry room, and they are probably from like 50 years ago. They are used to cut wrapping paper.”

Have you made any discoveries lately? Tell us in the comments below.

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