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Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Witty Geniuses Who Put Fear Into the Hearts of Any Troubles That Come Their Way

We’ve all found ourselves in a confusing situation where every outcome looked bad. But eventually, everything had a happy ending partially thanks to our abilities to come up with original solutions. The main thing is to get inspired and let yourself improvise.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything look at people who have outstanding skills when it comes to finding a way out of any setup. And today’s compilation is about these geniuses. The bonus at the end proves that it’s not just humans that can be savvy.

Be stronger than your circumstances.

There’s definitely at least one advantage of not being able to sleep.

When your high heel is broken and you have a similar pair of shoes in the office:

When the teacher says you can bring one handwritten 3×5 notecard for the test:

When you can’t put up a real tree but still want some holiday spirit:

“My orthodontist told me I’d have my braces on for Halloween. Thought I might as well take advantage of it.”

Use the rain to your advantage.

When even small accidents are reason for a costume party:

Do you think this world was designed for you? Upload proof on the internet and get thousands of likes.

“My dog Philby has to take allergy meds every day but he doesn’t need to know that.”

When you only have 3 players and there’s a 4-player minimum, you improvise.

“We didn’t want to set up the second half of the tree. So we got creative. Meet Treevor”

“Went moto-camping but forgot the tent pegs and poles, so had to improvise.”

When it’s hot but you still have no swimming pool:

“My fiancée is taking full advantage of being 9 months pregnant.”

Bonus: A true friend will always help you find a way out of a difficult situation.

These pics show how ordinary people didn’t give up in complicated situations and took maximum advantage of them. We, at Now I’ve Seen Everything, believe that there should be more of these photos on the internet. That’s why we would love it if you share your stories in the comments. Together we can make sure that more people get to see them.

Preview photo credit DarthMech / Reddit
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