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16 Guests Who Probably Will Never Be Invited Back

Human relationships are hard and they depend solely on people’s behavior and the effect they have on one another. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about the consequences of their actions and how difficult the aftermath will be for somebody else. This is true for both people who are guests and for those who are hosts. And luckily, these examples we gathered will show which types of behavior you should probably refrain from.

1. “I had guests over and one of them switched their broken charger for mine.”

2. I hosted some guests.

3. “I had a party and woke up the next day to find that someone took a chomp out of my shower soap.”

4. “A friend came over and started making a waffle but forgot about it, then they left the iron like this for me to clean up. This is after 30 minutes of careful scraping.”

5. “Our guest wanted some melon.”

6. “We had guests over who were playing VR.”

7. “My brother came to Christmas and took a shower; this is what he left behind...”

8. “The Airbnb guest demolished the bed.”

9. “Some kids came over and found my newtons cradle and I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to untangle it.”

10. Not everyone enjoys a company of kids.

11. “Ordered a pizza and cheesy bread for me, my girlfriend, and her friend. Came back after grabbing plates to this...”

12. “It’s a bad idea to invite me to come over.”

13. “This is why I don’t let guests empty my dishwasher.”

14. “Our guest using the wireless charger as a coaster.”

15. We hope it didn’t happen at the moment when the clock was ringing in the New Year.

16. “I work at a hotel, a guest left this when they checked out.”

Have you ever been a bad guest without realizing it? Do you like your guests to be respectful of your space or do you not mind them making your home theirs?

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