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Now I've Seen Everything

16 Photos That Show How Perspective Can Create a New Reality

When taking a photo, different perspectives can create a much different picture. The sense of depth and the dimensions of the objects shown in the photo can really create an altered reality. For example, the closer an object is to the camera, the bigger it will look in contrast to the objects that are not that close. And while professional photographers can plan these tricks, average internet users often take such altered photos accidentally.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 16 pictures that might confuse you or make you realize that things we see everyday can be something completely different if seen from a different perspective.

1. “I had to look twice.”

2. “This frozen spider web on my car mirror”

3. “These wrinkles on my finger after I removed a Band-Aid”

4. “The ice on this sidewalk looks like those old carpets that had intricate floral designs.”

5. “I found this ’Among Us’ rock while on vacation in Denmark.”

6. “I wanted to take a photo with my girlfirend. Someone came to interrupt. I thought the result was rather interesting.”

7. “The other side of a fast-food soda fountain”

8. “A quarter that I found underneath the agitator in my washing machine while cleaning it out. Been rubbed smooth after many wash cycles.”

9. “Green lines on my notebook under a microscope”

10. “I found a broken penny at work today.”

11. “Don’t worry, it’s just a sunset reflected.”

12. “This perfect snowflake that fell on my boot”

13. “This isolated rainstorm on a sunny day that I captured”

14. “One of my Twix pieces was not dipped in chocolate.”

15. “Taco Tuesday”

16. “Flying meats.”

Have you ever managed to take a picture in a way that showed a completely different picture of what most people would notice?

Preview photo credit DunderGifflin / Imgur
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