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Now I've Seen Everything

18 Animals Who Prove That There Is No Such Thing As Being Normal

One of the top reasons why you may want to get a pet if you don’t already have one, is because they will bring so much laughter in your life. And laughter can lift your mood and completely transform your life. Playing with them will definitely give a few very pleasant moments, but sometimes pets don’t need company to be funny.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves all animals and we believe that life with them is far more interesting than without them.

1. “What kind of frog is this?”

2. Labraderp

3. “I always knew my horse wasn’t the brightest. Now I have proof.”

4. “The real downward dog”

5. “I spent 20 minutes looking for my cat. I found her here.”

6. “He’s just standing there... menacingly.”

7. “Those who derp together stay together!”

8. “How he sits in his favorite chair”

9. Some cats also like gymnastics.

10. Please, make yourself comfortable.

11. “I’m glad because now I can immortalize this photo.”

12. “Stapler? We don’t do that here.”

13. “She has an obsession with flushing the toilet. Caught her red-handed.”

14. Life is too exciting to behave smart.

15. “Just having a quick derp in the water...”

16. The power of emotions!

17. “I think this qualifies — he’s napping.”

18. “Stop right there, criminal.”

If you have any pets, do they happen to act in any unusual ways?

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