Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

20 Times the World Around Us Made Us Lose Our Mind

The more we live and see the more we understand that we still know nothing about life. After all, the Universe hides its mysteries very well and knows the perfect timing to reveal its surprises and leave us completely speechless. From people with rare body features, to little secrets hiding in our most used belongings or a simple fruit that has a mini gift inside. The possibilities are endless when it comes to unexpected sights and this is what makes our existence so exciting.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has been really curious and searched well to gather a collection of pics that will make your jaw drop with surprise.

1. ’’My prescription glasses lenses are so thick when fitted to these vintage aviator frames.’’

2. ’’My jointless flinger.’’

3. “This mandarin with little baby mandarin inside it”

4. “Homer Simpson hiding in my rug”

5. “My kid’s snap band is a recycled tape measure.”

6. “This weirdly mutated strawberry I found.”

7. “An old bottle of shoe cleaning liquid has some strange growth on the top”

8. “My scar didn’t get dirty at work.”

9. “This penny came out of its lining.”

10. “I noticed this curious leaf.”

11. “I just noticed while removing a piece of tape I stepped on that my shoes have keyboards.”

12. “This spider changed his skin several times in the same spot.”

13. “The strange reflection of our room’s mirror”

14. “I noticed something strange about my cousin’s kneecaps.”

15. “This paw print my daughter found hiding inside a crayon when she broke it.”

16. “There’s a strange-looking lemon growing in my garden.”

17. “This frog that lives in my fence”

18. “The tiny flower pattern inside this egg”

19. “My apples are red on the inside.”

20. ’’My jaw from the bottom and my nose from the top are identical.’’

Do you often experience these sudden discoveries? Do you prefer change, or are you most comfortable with familiar things?

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