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8 Famous People Who Erased a Tattoo, Reminding Us That Tattoos Are Not Just for the Sake of It

Tattoos are a great idea to always remember an unforgettable moment or a loved one. This is a very important decision that is not good to take lightly because, over the years, this same tattoo can go from being something very touching to a reason for a doctor’s appointment to remove it with laser treatment or a tattoo artist to cover it up.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we searched celebrities who wiped the slate clean on the image they dedicated while in a relationship or because, apparently, the design was “bad luck” for them.

1. Eva Longoria

The actress had several tattoos in honor of her ex-husband, basketball player Tony Parker. The first of them was on her neck, and read “Nine,” as the number of the jersey the athlete wore when he played with the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs. Another very visible one indicated the date of their wedding, “July 7, 2007,” in Roman numerals (VII-VII-MMVII), and was on her right wrist. When they divorced, Eva immediately went to remove the designs that once symbolized her love for the French basketball player.

2. Rumer Willis

The daughter of actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis decided to remove the lion on her left arm because, in her own words, it was “negatively affecting her ability to land acting gigs.”

3. Heidi Klum

While she was married to musician Seal, Heidi Klum proudly wore a tattoo on her right forearm with her husband’s name and stars symbolizing the initials of her children. As soon as she finished with the singer, she went straight to remove part of the drawing with laser.

4. Megan Fox

The actress decided to completely erase a tattoo in which she paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe. The reason? According to some media, Megan left behind the image of the movie legend because it “attracted” negative energies to her life.

5. Marc Anthony

The Puerto Rican singer was married for several years to Jennifer Lopez, but after their separation, he decided to cover her name tattooed on his right wrist.

6. Pamela Anderson

The famous Baywatch star had a barbed wire tattoo on one of her arms. However, by 2014, the actress decided to remove it completely. The meaning of this piece varies, as it is presumed to mean being locked up and also something like having had a sacrificed life.

7. Chris Zylka

The actor was engaged to Paris Hilton. Both swore eternal love to each other and he decided to honor her with a tattoo on his arm. However, it all ended, and it took Chris 9 months to cover his ex’s name with the image of a gorilla.

8. Kat Von D

The famous tattoo artist had to remove an image she had made in honor of her ex-fiance, Jesse James, when he was a child. When they announced their separation, Von D began laser sessions to remove all traces of the past.

And you, what name or face of a loved one would you get tattooed: your mother’s, your child’s, or maybe your partner’s?

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