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19 Things Whose Designer Deserves a Salary Increase

Designing a product must be a demanding job. That’s why some manufacturers deserve an award for creativity because, in addition to thinking that an object fulfills its function, they add details that make it easier to use. In a world where design almost always reigns supreme, practicality becomes a unique concept, and the inventors below have won our hearts for it.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we show you those twists that people gave to some products to make them more eye-catching when it comes to choosing them.

1. This container shows the amount of milk remaining in the container.

2. “This notebook that’s also a calculator”

3. “Bathroom stall door with no crack in between”

4. IKEA furniture now comes with plastic brackets to make nailing easier.

5. “My ramen has a built-in strainer.”

6. “How convenient. This shelf my mom bought for her office came with a pair of gloves so you don’t cut yourself on the metal.”

7. “My new sheets have tags on each side that either says ’side’ or ’top or bottom.’”

8. “The Kleenex boxes at my work have different color tissues near the end to let you know you only have a few left in the box.”

9. “This supermarket I went to has a plastic box around the scale at the self-checkout so your shopping doesn’t fall off it (ignore the foot lol).”

10. The company marks potatoes with a laser to reduce waste. And it’s convenient for customers, too: they don’t have to deal with sticky labels.

11. “Now in assorted flesh tones”

12. “Just discovered a shop in Atlanta, GA, that allows you to bring in your old candle jar and get a refill for 1/2 price!”

13. “This restaurant bill is automatically split”

14. This USB cable can be used for devices with different connectors.

15. “This shirt has a piece of lens cloth sewn on the inside for your glasses.”

16. “Newest leggings I bought... have string holes on outside & inside, so you can move the cord wherever you prefer.”

17. “The Prudential Center in Boston has cards to remind you which floor you parked on”

18. “My dishwasher has a spot specifically for chopsticks.”

19. “Kudos to Sanpellegrino for putting this lid so I can drink directly from the can without worrying about dust / dirt / microbes.”

What was the most ingenious object you ever saw in your life? Share a photo!

Preview photo credit danninagh / Reddit, Emojipedia
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