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11 Easy Tricks That Celebrity Stylists Recommend to Look More Like a Super Star

Celebrity stylists have a lot of tricks to make their clients look flawless. For example, they recommend lying down while riding in the car or using soap if the zipper on the dress gets stuck. And since these people know everything about clothing, we think that our readers will find their life hacks quite useful.

They choose shoes one size too big.

Jordan Hinton / Avalon/Photoshot / East News

We often see celebrities wearing shoes that seem too big for them. The reason for this is quite simple: celebrities choose shoes one size bigger than they need to avoid any kinds of cuts or blisters.

They strike the most flattering poses.


After many years of posing in front of cameras, many celebrities know quite well which poses are most flattering for them. Whether they look over their shoulder, put their leg forward, or demonstrate their curves, every celebrity knows their most flattering angles and poses that help them look great in photos. Jennifer Lopez, for example, tends to choose high-slit dresses that help her show off her beautiful legs.

When riding in a car, they lie down on the seats to prevent their clothes from wrinkling.

Many celebrities prefer to wear complex dresses on the red carpet. And to prevent them from wrinkling, they lie down in the car while traveling to the event. “No wrinkles... It’s harder than it looks!” Jennifer Aniston wrote on her Instagram after posting a photo of her ride to the SAG Awards.

They wear comfortable sneakers.

East News, AP / East News, AP / East News

Wearing shoes one size too big is not the only trick that celebrities use to feel comfortable while standing during long events. Why torture yourself with high heels if you can wear sneakers? This is what actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Sally Field did at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

They use soap to move stubborn zippers.

Dee Cercone / Everett Collection / East News

Even though celebrities and their stylists always check their outfits before events, anything can happen. If a zipper gets stuck, simply rub a bar of soap onto the problematic area, and the zipper will move.

They use hair spray to stop static cling.


Static electricity can cause a lot of issues. To avoid this, celebrity stylists use simple tricks. For example, they may spray the inside of their client’s clothes with hair spray, touch the outfit with wet hands, or sprinkle their client’s skin with baby powder.

They use eyeshadow to make their hair look thicker.

Derrick Salters / / agefotostock / East News

You can easily use this simple celebrity trick. Just choose a shade of matte eyeshadow that matches your hair color and apply it to your hairline or part with a makeup brush.

They smile with the eyes.

Invision / Invision / East News

If you smile only with your mouth while your eyes remain sad, your smile will look insincere. Many celebrities know how to smile with their eyes while posing in front of cameras. They squint them slightly so their eyes take on a crescent shape.

They use tape for gravity-defying cleavage.

AXELLE / BAUER-GRIFFIN / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Some clothes, like those that are strapless or feature low necklines, can be too revealing, and celebrities try to avoid embarrassing situations at any cost. Many famous women use tape to make their cleavage look more controlled. Kim Kardashian does this to go braless, and Kristen Bell aims to make sure no one can see parts of her body that she doesn’t want to be shown.

If you want to try this trick, use breast lift tape made with hypoallergenic adhesive instead of regular duct tape.

They wear clothes of the right cut.

Laurent Salmon / KCS / East News, Laurent Salmon / KCS / East News

Celebrities often wear clothes that visually change the proportions of their body. Even Marilyn Monroe used to wear a padded bra that made her chest look bigger. Modern stars don’t always wear a bra because their dresses are designed in a way to push their breast up as high as possible.

They wear shapewear under their clothes.

Many celebrities don’t even try to hide the fact that they like to wear shapewear. Some of them even post photos and videos on social media to show how much shapewear helps them feel confident. New mother Katy Perry even joked that power, attitude, style, confidence, and a pair of shapewear shorts are “what makes a woman.” And it seems that shapewear is popular not only among women, as James Biggs confessed that he wears a shapewear shirt.

The author of this article has also noticed that it’s easier to wear high heels when they are a size bigger. And she thinks that taping is a very useful beauty tool.

Would you try to use these tricks recommended by celebrity stylists? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Laurent Salmon / KCS / East News, Laurent Salmon / KCS / East News
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