10+ Truly Useful Life Hacks That Significantly Simplify Kitchen Life

11 months ago

Every home cook has their own kitchen secrets. They help prepare and store food more efficiently and quickly. Here are a few hacks that’ll make you feel like a true chef in your own kitchen. For example, we’ll show you how to quickly and efficiently peel a carrot using foil.

“Pizza Cutters are an under utilized kitchen utensil”

A pizza cutter can be used in a dozen different ways. For instance, it’s convenient and quick for dicing bacon. It’s also handy for trimming the crusts off bread, slicing dough, cutting flatbreads, and dividing marshmallows and grapes.

A lid can be secured on the pot.

While cooking, we have to frequently remove the lid from the pot, and it’s at this moment that we start to look for a place to put it. If you put the lid with its handle facing down, the lid will roll around, but if you put it with the handle facing up, the condensation and/or grease might stain the countertop. Next time, place the lid onto the pot’s handle, hooking it over the rim with the edge. Don’t be scared — the overall construction will be stable, even if the pot is empty.

Apple cutters are suitable for chopping mushrooms.

It’s not only fruits that you can cut with an apple cutter but mushrooms as well. All you need to do is place the mushroom leg in the center of the cutter and press down.

You can also chop mushrooms on the skewer.

Another way to chop a large number of mushrooms is to place them on a skewer and cut the heads by pressing a knife down them. Once you reach the skewer, turn it over and continue cutting on the other side.

Bags and bottles can be used for storing bulk products.

If you’ve run out of containers for storing dry products, or if you’re going on a hike and don’t want to carry an extra container with you, pour cereal or sugar into a plastic bag, cut off the top of a water bottle, or any other plastic beverage bottle, and pull the top of the bag through the bottleneck. Unfold the edge of the bag and screw the lid over the top.

You don’t need to ditch the ring from vegetable oil bottles.

Oftentimes, we throw away the ring when we open another bottle of vegetable oil. However, it can help us save the product. All you need to do is push it with the loop down and secure it on one of the teeth on the lid, leaving only a small slit. It will make the oil pour out as a thin trickle, not a thick stream.

You can cut kiwis with a mixer whisk.

You can cut the insides of a kiwi quickly and neatly with the help of a regular mixer whisk. Cut the fruit in half, press it with the whisk, and rotate it inside the fruit. After it’s done, remove the whisk.

Baby carrots can be peeled with foil.

It’s easy to peel baby carrots by rolling a regular sheet of foil into a ball and rubbing the vegetable with it.

You can secure a thermometer on a pan with a clip.

Sometimes it’s necessary to control the temperature of a liquid during cooking, but it’s very inconvenient to hold a thermometer with your hand. The good news is that it can be secured to the pot with a clip.

A fork can help you drip the water from a bag of boiled rice.

It’s easy to get rid of excess liquid from a bag of boiled rice if you secure it with a fork to the kitchen faucet. This will drain all the brew straight into the drain, and you won’t have to hold the bag.

There’s a perfect way to keep herbs fresh for several weeks.

One of the tips was shared by a Reddit user:

  • An absolute revolution for herbs. This cilantro is two weeks old (after vacation). It’s as if it were picked today. Paper towel on bottom, rinse & untied cilantro, paper towel on top — sealed in container. © Relax-Enjoy / Reddit

Life hacks aren’t just useful in the kitchen. Here are a few handy tips that will elevate your travels to the next level.


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