10 Unknown Facts About Keanu Reeves That Prove What a Wonderful Guy He Is

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Although Keanu Reeves has had a successful acting career, many of us are more likely to recall the stories that have shaped him as a person than the films he has appeared in. He does a lot of philanthropic work and has a good reputation. Notwithstanding the difficulties he has faced, he has made the decision not to adopt the glamorous lifestyle of Hollywood. Yet, there are some details of his life that typically remain unreported, and those are the things we’ll explore today.

1. He is a true friend.

This pair of friends is as iconic for Hollywood as the pair of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. They became friends in the ’90s on the set of Speed. During their first meeting, Sandra Bullock kept speaking non-stop. But the more the actress was talking, the quieter Reeves was becoming. A couple of days later, he came up to her and gave her a note. It was saying, “I thought about what you said.”

By the way, on one of the TV programs it was found out that at that moment, both of them had a crush on each other. But Keanu didn’t risk confessing his feelings, and Sandra revealed her feelings only years later. Nevertheless, they managed to create something not less valuable — a true friendship.

2. He participates in many charity organizations, but never brags about it.

He has been donating millions to children’s hospitals and several cancer foundations for years, but he is very modest about his actions. Apart from this, the actor supports many different charities where he tries to help improve the quality of life for underprivileged children and funds important causes like creative arts, education, fighting against childhood hunger, and supporting a wide range of causes like human and animals rights.

Recently he auctioned 15-minutes of conversation with him on the video calling app Zoom. The main idea of this was not just to chat with his fans. Keanu is actually working with the children’s cancer charity organization called Camp Rainbow Gold, and the money raised will be donated to this camp in order to help kids who are in need of treatment. The auction opened June 15 and closed on June 22.

3. Reeves almost changed his name at the beginning of his career.

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The name Keanu is derived from Keaweaheulu, his great-great-uncle’s name, which, in the Hawaiian language, means “cool breeze over the mountains.” When Reeves was taking his first steps in the world of acting, his agent told him to change his name because it didn’t sound good enough. He suggested the name Chuck Spadina to his agent, but eventually, Reeves managed to break through with his real name.

4. He reciprocates his fans.

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Reeves is not the one who refuses to take a selfie or have a small talk with his fans. People on the internet keep posting the stories of meeting him. One of them happened only recently.

Having seen Keanu in a restaurant, a man came up to him and told him that his 80-year-old mom has been his avid fan for a long time and that the actor reminds her of her late husband. Reeves asked to call this woman immediately. He decided to get to know his fan in person and had a long conversation with her that day.

5. Keanu is great with children.

6. He is a true workaholic.

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There are many legends about Keanu Reeves’ workaholism. It is not an issue for him to go to study martial arts, horseback riding, surfing, or learn to sing if the role requires it. In addition, the actor cannot be pulled off the set, even if he is sick. For example, one of the fighting scenes in John Wick was filmed when had a fever of around 103°.

Thus, in order to portray a beggar who hit the jackpot in the lottery, he simply grabbed a toothbrush and went to sleep in the gateway to the homeless. Reeves spent four days there until people started to recognize him. They taught him the tricks of survival on the street and shared their stories. When the actor’s identity was revealed, he invited his new friends to dinner at a restaurant.

7. Fans trespassed on Keanu’s property back in the 1990s. Instead of calling the police, he chatted with them.

8. A glamorous life is not his cup of tea.

© John Wick: Chapter 2 / Summit Entertainment and co-producers, Schneider-Press/Matthias/SIPA/Sipa Press/East News

Fashion magazines keep joking that Keanu has been wearing the same clothes for a quarter of a century already. There is a part of truth in it. The actor is not the one who tries to dress up when he goes outside. He prefers usual T-shirts and jeans to stylish, expensive suits.

By the way, it doesn’t prevent him from getting to the lists of the most stylish men in the world. All because the style is more about the inner state, not the appearance.

9. Reeves has published his own poetry book.

Together with artist Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves has published a book of his own poetry called Ode to Happiness. Each page of the book contains a line of the actor’s poem and a blotted ink drawing created by Grant.

10. He has been waiting for his love for long 18 years.

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There are many internet memes about Reeves where he is depicted as a sad hero. Partially, this is due to the sad story that happened to the actor. In 2001, his girlfriend died in a car accident.

Since that time, the Hollywood star has not been noticed in a romantic relationship with a woman. Journalists were writing that someone truly exceptional will be able to melt the actor’s heart. And this woman finally appeared — it is an artist, Alexandra Grant.

Alexandra doesn’t fit the standard of magazine covers beauty, and she is proud of it. Reeves couldn’t dare to ask her out for almost 10 years—they met each other in 2009 and appeared as a couple only in 2019. According to their friends, the actor and the artist are head over heels in love with each other.

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I can't imagine his hair preventing him/girlfriend...having a sr. memory moment in bed with all that hair getting in their eyes.

So glad he found another love of his life to go home to daily and who fulfills every need he has. congrats to the 2 of you.


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