11 Childhood Memories People Can’t Rid Off Even After Dozen of Psychology Sessions

2 weeks ago

Adults and children can often remember things from when they were around three or four years old. Some memories are good, some are fuzzy, but some are so strong, even if they weren’t good, that we can’t forget them our whole lives.

  • When I was eight, I overheard my nanny say during a phone call, “these aren’t my children, just my paycheck.” I remember feeling awful because I thought of her like family© nosleepy / Reddit
  • My dad thought that my mom was just overreacting to a stomach ache and wouldn’t take her to a hospital, but in reality her appendix was about to explode. Thank god my uncle brought her to a hospital, otherwise she would be gone by now. Still messes up my viewpoint on my dad 20 years later. © Unknown author/ Reddit
  • When I was 14, my mother decided that she had enough of the whole mothering thing. She dropped me off at my aunt’s house without telling my aunt. I think the plan was to drop me off and be out of state before anyone knew. Unfortunately for her, my aunt had been outside at the time.
    During the screaming match that followed, I learned that I was meant to be a trap for my father.
    © RissaTheWaitress / Reddit
  • My dad asked, “Why is she so ugly?”
    I was 8. I went to the mirror and cried. It was the first time I ever realized that I could actually look at myself with judgment. It never stopped. © odd_neighbour / Reddit
  • I overheard my stepdad tell my mum, “it’s either me or the kids.” A week later, my sister and I were put into a children’s home.
    I have never forgiven my mum, and I haven’t seen or spoken to her for nearly 35 years. © sarahsgrove / Reddit
  • I was about six at a party at my dad’s secretary’s house. He thought it’d be funny to throw me (fully clothed and unable to swim at the time) into the pool and laugh at me in front of everyone. I was so humiliated and embarrassed that my own father would use me as a prop to make his moron friends laugh. © lemystereduchipot / Reddit
  • I used to sleep in a room right next to my parents’ room, and the air conditioning vent was directly connected to their room. I could constantly hear them discussing how when I came into their life, I completely ruined it. Almost every night for about 5 years, the subject was about me and how horrible I was.
    They don’t know about this, and they still say “I love you” to my face. © Bruser75 / Reddit
  • When I was around the age of 5 or 6, I remember my dad talking on the phone, thinking it was my mom because he was saying sweet nothings during his conversation. He passed the phone to me, and thinking it was my mom, I answered by saying, “Hi mom.” It wasn’t her. I later found out that my dad had numerous mistresses even before my mom passed away 5 years ago.
    It still haunts me because to this day, my dad thinks I don’t remember what happened that day, and I still don’t fully trust him since then. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I (15F) was getting my impacted wisdom teeth out. I was awake, and the numbing agent didn’t work on me. I was telling them that I was in pain and not numb. Finally, they told me that if I didn’t stop crying, I would have to come back later to have them finish. I ended up disassociating. I remember hearing them laugh at how dramatic I was being and that I was just weak. Turns out I have a genetic condition that makes me not respond correctly to local anesthetic. © mgentry999 / Reddit
  • My mom, aunts and grandmother quietly discussing the possibility that one of my cousin’s was not actually related by blood. Little jugs have big ears and whilst all my other cousins were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, I was reading a book in the living room until the subject matter being discussed piqued my interest. Years later my uncle divorced his wife because it turned out to be true... sadly, he did not want anything to do with the little boy who for years had grown up as one of us. I haven’t seen him since he was six, and I was ten. © ChaoticInsomniac / Reddit

Childhood experiences can leave an indelible mark on us. These early memories, whether good or bad, shape who we become and can stay with us for a lifetime, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


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