I Told My Bridesmaids I Don’t Want to See them Ever Again Because of Their Meanness on My Wedding Day

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Even if a wedding is perfect, it’s a nerve-wracking event. Our reader’s happiest day turned into a nightmare. She planned every detail, dreamed of this moment for years, and had her 3 best friends by her side — or so she thought. But what she overheard before walking down the aisle shattered everything.

One of our readers reached out to us with a message.

We’re here to offer some advice.

  • Discuss it with your husband. He’s your main support at the moment. Tell him what went down and how it’s making you feel. You could say, “Sweetheart, I heard something upsetting while I was getting ready. The bridesmaids were talking about... It really hurt me. What should we do about it?” Decide together what steps to take next, which might also help with your family situation.
  • Don’t get hung up on it. Those “friends” showed their real selves. Don’t let them ruin your happiness. Look ahead to your future with your partner. They shouldn’t be your bridesmaids, and you deserve friends who treat you right. Even if things feel rough now, concentrate on the love you have around you.
  • Don’t allow your family to make you feel ashamed. Your feelings matter, and what you’re going through is real. Talk openly with your family. If they don’t listen, set boundaries. Trust yourself, even if they don’t believe you. Find someone who can support you.
  • Be careful who you befriend. Take your time with new friends. See if they consistently show qualities you value. It’s okay to go slow and let trust build naturally. Watch for red flags like talking behind your back, being mean, or only showing up when they need something.

Building a new family involves more than just coming together under one roof. It’s about laying a strong foundation based on wisdom and open, honest communication. Every member, close ones like husband or wife, or not so close like in laws or sisters, needs to feel heard and valued, and that requires ongoing conversations where everyone can share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

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