13 Smart Tips to Improve Your Hoteling Experience

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Going on a travel trip is always exciting, but some tiny annoying things can ruin your mood. When you stay in a hotel, there are easy tricks to make it more comfy and safe. These simple ideas can make your hotel stay better and help you feel more at ease during your trip.

Use a hair bobble or elastic band to stop soap slipping off the side of the bathtub or if you don’t have a soap dish i the room.

If you’re concerned about safety at a hotel, try placing a glass on the doorknob before bedtime. If someone attempts to open the door, the noise will wake you up, and the potential intruder will be startled by the sound.

If you hate those annoying hair dryers you get in hotels, where you have to keep pressing the button for it to work, just tie the scrunchie around the button.

To clean a dirty item in the sink, block the drain with a bag containing a piece of toilet paper. Additionally, you can use softened soap for better cleaning.

If your hotel room requires you to insert your key for power, you can put anything into the slot.

Make the room quieter and darker by rolling up a towel and placing it under the door.

If your curtains don’t fit tightly, and streetlight is bothering you, use a hanger with clothespins to fasten the halves together and block out the light.

If your hotel doesn’t have a microwave, and you need to warm the food up, just use a hairdryer.

Transform the ironing board into a versatile workstation. It can double as a changing table or serve as a platform to place suitcases.

If you’re unsure about the ice quality, avoid putting the cubes directly in your drink. Instead, place the glass or cup in a container of ice.

If you don’t have a place to keep your toothbrush, insert it into the bottom of a cardboard cup.

Freshen up your clothes in the shower by hanging them on hangers and letting the hot water run for 5-10 minutes.

To avoid touching a potentially dirty hotel TV remote control, cover it with a shower cap or a disposable slipper bag.

Getting ready for a trip can make everything smoother. We believe it’s good to prepare in advance and learn some tips. For instance, how to behave on a plane, or what to wear. Small things like these can make your travel experience much better.

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