14 Easter Eggs in The Bing Bang Theory That Even True Fans Missed

5 months ago

The Big Bang Theory, a show loved by many, has cool hidden details that make it even more interesting.These Easter eggs are part of why the show is so awesome — it’s not just funny on the surface, but has cool surprises for fans who pay attention.

1. In the Laundry Room, there’s a little note, which suggests that Sheldon isn’t the only one in the building with quirky habits. It says: “Please keep your clothes on while doing laundry.”

2. Amy’s apartment door number is the same as the first 3 digits of the number Pi, and also Albert Einstein’s birthday (March 14).

3. The clothes the characters are cleaning in the laundry room match the outfits they wore in the previous episode.

4. Leonard’s glasses don’t actually contain any glass. Original lenses reflected too much studio lighting glare. To fix the issue, they decided to remove the lenses altogether.

5. Sheldon’s favorite number is 73, and we learn the reason why in episode 73: because it has some very unique properties, like being the 21st prime number, for example.

6. Wil Wheaton portrayed Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He resided on the NCC-1701 starship. In a nod to this, his house number in Big Bang is 1701.

7. The outfits in Amy’s painting match the clothes Penny and Amy were wearing in the earlier episode: The Vacation Solution.

8. Penny’s fridge is full of Easter eggs: real photos taken of Kaley Cuoco with members of the cast but also workers on the set of the series.

9. The creators of the show employed a physicist to make sure that all the equations in the show were accurate, except in one episode where they were deliberately incorrect.

10. Penny had no last mane. Executive producer Steve Molaro attributes the show’s success to superstition — never revealing Penny’s last name. Only since marrying Leonard, Penny was known as Penny Hofstadter.

11. Howard’s ringtone was almost chosen as the theme song of the show. The song is called She Blinded Me With Science.

12. The psychic Penny took Sheldon to foretold his Nobel prize win once he committed to Amy.

13. Howard wears various interesting belt buckles, and in the last episode he’s wearing the atom from the show’s logo.

14. There were subtle details in Sheldon’s wedding attire that proved he was still unique person. For example, Flash-themed socks and cuff-links he was wearing.

Easter eggs are not just about the laughs on the surface, it’s a show that rewards fans who pay attention, making it a smart and entertaining package. So, next time you watch your favorite TV series, keep your eyes peeled for those sneaky details — you never know what you might discover!


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