14 People Moved Into New Houses and Made Some Totally Fascinating Discoveries

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Moving to a new home requires a lot of effort because there are so many unexpected things that can happen on the way. For example, renovation projets can turn out to be more expensive than you anticipated, or the previous owners may leave a lot of trash behind. You may come across some treasure or, on the contrary, some very unpleasant surprises.

“We just bought a house, and I found this negative in the kitchen. Judging by the women’s clothes, this was taken a really long time ago. This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever found.”

“A friend of mine cut a hole in his house because they found a drain pipe on the other side and wanted to know where it went. This is what they found, with a Kleenex box and wall art still there.”

“I just bought a building. It has an old wall safe. The key goes in but will not turn.”

“We have a collection of old photos of our house. One of the images was of a vanity that was assumed lost in a remodel.”

“We were surprised when we opened a wall during a bathroom restoration and found it mostly intact.”

“We found this silver biscuit in my buddies’ newly purchased house.”

  • If your buddy really found that in his house, I would look around more. People that hide things tend to do it in more than one spot. © SilverApeSilverApe / Reddit

“I found treasure in my bathroom. It was in the compartment right above the sink.”

“I just moved into a new apartment and happened upon what I thought was a piece of painted-over tape stuck to a bookshelf. I peeled it up to find it was concealing a mystery.”

“My friend moved into a new house. This was left by the previous owners.”

“A friend of mine found this house with a small termite problem.”

“I found a creepy room in my attic. Metal grate fastened over a hole in the door, with a green light and a low ceiling. I had to hunch down to take these photos.”

Looks like it was used as a prison .. spooky! I wonder if the local police have an outstanding cases linked to it.... or a mother hiding out from the kids! lol


“I thought my house was made by humans, and then I found this.”

“So I just moved into a new apartment and found a door that wasn’t in the lease.”

“I thought it was underground storage first. But then I removed all the stuff and my jaw dropped. It turns out I have a basement.”

“This bathroom in my dad’s new house. I’m 6’1”. The room is so short, they had to cut holes in the ceiling over the toilet and sink so you can stand up."

“A basement bathroom in the house I bought”

These people just wanted to move to a new place in peace. But didn’t some of them get really lucky — like the person who found the bar of silver? Have you ever moved from one place to another? How did it go? Did you find any surprises in the new place?

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