15 Pics That Are More Baffling Than “Inception”

2 years ago

A brownie that seems to be levitating is the perfect example of how cunning a photo can be. What we’re trying to photograph can very quickly transform into a mind puzzle, depending on the angle, lighting, or timing. Proof of this phenomenon is all over the Internet, and it can test everyone’s intelligence.

Now I’ve Seen Everything presents you with a challenge to solve some confusing pics we found online. Buckle up for a fun ride!

1. “A levitating brownie”

2. “My wife took this photo a long time ago: a man riding a bird.”

3. Not sure if this man has a baby hand or if the baby has a very long one.

4. “This was parked outside my apartment.”

5. “This pic of my wife and me looks like 2 pictures put together.”

6. Not sure where the rest of this man is.

7. Nothing here is on fire.

8. The perfect overlap

9. Can’t figure out which head is his.

10. “Sometimes my cat turns into one giant ball of fur. Good luck seeing what’s what here.”

11. “My photo of this building and clouds looks like it was taken from a low earth orbit.”

12. “I was watching a show when I paused it to answer the door. When I came back, I thought someone had put a mirror over my screen.”

13. It’s hard to tell whether the dog is looking forward or backward.

14. “These limes look like they’re floating.”

15. The cat is floating.

Which photo made you look twice? Which ones did you like the most? Have you ever had the chance to take a confusing pic?

Preview photo credit bushie5 / Reddit, Rustrobot / Reddit


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