15 Funny Crafts Ideas

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Social media is the perfect place to showcase your funny crafts. In fact, there are online communities where craftsmanship is highly welcomed and celebrated, like the subreddit r/crafts. There you can discover new artists and have access to one-of-a-kind DIY creations, that might inspire you to pursue and develop your gifts.

Now I’ve Seen Everything hopes to dazzle you with a few craft pieces created with pure passion and imagination.

1. “I sewed a bucket hat for my kitten.”

How to make crafts fun, you ask? Easy! Make your beloved pets the center of attention by crafting something super cute for them. This turns DIY into an even more fun activity by making it very personal for you. And you can take it to the next level by making a matching set for you and your pet. Just look at the example above. Moreover, this can become a wonderful gift for a friend with a fluffy friend.

2. “A tree armlet that I made with copper wire and a labradorite gemstone. It took me about two hours.”

Who said adult DIY crafts can’t look like a million bucks? Imagine all the money you can save by making your own jewelry! Especially when it can come out looking so incredible. Frankly, if you master this craft well enough, you could even start selling it. Most importantly, you would know that you have something one of a kind. Just let your imagination roam with ideas and start creating literal art that you can wear.

3. “I paint with bleach”

This craft makes us weak in the knees. We can’t even begin to contemplate how someone can do something like this with just their ideas and hands. If you’ve been looking for crafting ideas for adults, you do not have to look any further. All you need is a cheap T-shirt and bleach, that’s it. Now imagine all the different imagery you can craft for yourself and, once again, save on expensive gifts for friends and family!

4. “I made a Roman bust aquarium.”

  • “It was only a temporary art installation, and afterwards I moved the fish into a larger tank for their wellbeing.” — RedSharing / Reddit

Even without fish, this might be taking the cake for the best crafting ideas for adults. This looks like it could be in a museum, although we feel like we should check if an aquarium bust is missing from any local museums! This is such an original idea that would make your living room look like the home of the best crafts in the world. Your guests would be asking you about this art, but you would just shock them by revealing this was your DIY project.

5. “Glass snake a friend and I made with uranium glass.”

Let’s just leave the question of where one can find uranium glass for another day and just admire this wonderful art. We imagine it must be extremely hard crafting something like this, but if you’re looking for challenging crafts ideas for adults, look no further. If you can master something like this, other DIY adult craft ideas on this list will be a piece of cake.

6. “Really proud of this little pup I made out of wool.”

Yet another one of many adult crafting ideas you’ll see on this list that involves your pet! That little guy looks so cute and extremely lifelike that we want one this instant. We imagine it’s also very soft since it was made out of wool. You could craft an entire collection of floofsters for yourself, and definitely start selling when you run out of space in your apartment. We’d also love to see how our pets would have reacted to this.

7. “I make Afrofuturistic hair ornaments called headcrests. This is my first prototype of a full face design.”

We didn’t know we needed face jewelry like this until we saw this art. This could be a gold mine for Halloween, no more showing up to a fun party and seeing several people in the same costume as you. You would definitely be the center of attention, especially when you reveal that it is your own beautiful craft.

8. “I stitched my great-grandparents.”

The making of crafts can be as personal as you want it to be. Imagine giving your loved ones such a marvelous stitch, their hearts would just melt. Also everyone knows that all best gifts are DIY, so start today and enjoy the fruits of your labor later.

9. “My first rug I ever made”

Have you ever imagined that you can be one of those art and craft adults that make their own rugs? Neither did we, but it’s possible! Most rugs nowadays seem so repetitive, so why not make it fun? You can have any rug you’ve ever wanted and it would serve you for a long time. This might be one of the best crafts for home decor we can picture.

10. “Things I make from avocado pits.”

Did you know that you can not only grow avocados from their pits but also use them to craft fascinating figurines? Look how fun they all look! You could be making keychains, magnets, and all kinds of other knick knacks and crafts that your heart desires.

11. “I made a chameleon necklace that hangs on its chain.”

Speaking of crafts you can wear as jewelry. Look at this cool number. We can bet that you can’t find something like this in mainstream stores, they simply can’t level up to a craft like this. We must say, a sloth would look adorable on a necklace like this. Or imagine earrings, bracelets, anklets, and all other beautiful crafts you can be making at home. Forget about repetitive jewelry, you’re one of a kind and you should treat yourself as such. These can also be fun to make with kids.

12. “I spent way too long on this The Addams Family ‘Polly Pocket’ style playset.”

Any film or TV show fan would absolutely love a playset like this. It’s a pretty extensive craft, but at the end it would be so worth it. We can already imagine a Hogwarts version, or even a Death Star! Even if you spend a long time on this craft, it would be just so much more rewarding in the end. You can make your own collection and have your children help you out with it!

13. “I made a tissue box holder that looks like a crate of records.”

At first glance, it seems very simple, but aren’t simple crafts usually the most genius? You need little to no things to craft something so cool. You can also make one for every room in the house and delight every single house guest that ever comes to visit. Let’s make blowing your nose fun!

14. “I painted on an old hand mirror”

Is this craft a play on the saying “eyes are a mirror to the soul”? We’d like to think so. Painting on old antique things in your home is a nice way to give those things a new life and let your imagination run free.

15. “I designed a 3D printed mirror array that just before sunset can reflect the sunlight to spell ’Marry me?’”

Umm, we’re not crying, you are! If your person spends so much time on crafting something so intricate to use only once to impress you, they’re a keeper, that is all.

Do you consider yourself a creative person? What’s the latest DIY project you’ve worked on? Shine a light on your craft in the comments!

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