15 Couples Who Were Destined to Be Together

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When we were small, most of us probably believed that when we grow up we’d meet someone who’s perfect for us and we’ll live happily ever after, like in a fairytale. In reality, this doesn’t happen to everyone, and even when it does, relationships still take a lot of work to function well. However, some people’s cases seem almost magical, as if their love story was indeed written in the stars.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some examples of love stories that were destined to happen.

1. ’’Childhood photos of me in the United States and my wife in Korea, wearing the same tank top’’

2. ’’This picture of my parents never actually happened. They are 2 separate photos that fit perfectly together.’’

3. “My wife’s wedding ring fits perfectly inside mine.”

4. “I met my wife and son for lunch on our 3-year wedding anniversary. This was our order number:”

  • Back in the days of pagers, codes were used to mean certain things. 143: 1 letter, 4 letters, 3 letters: I love you.”

5. ’’My now-husband and I met in daycare back in 1996.’’

6. ’’My mom and dad met by colliding while playing volleyball 35 years ago. This picture was taken at that specific moment.’’

7. ’’My now-husband and me, a year or 2 before we would meet’’

8. ’’A cloud heart formed over our wedding arch.’’

9. “When I met my wife, we didn’t know at the time but it turns out that we have similar-looking birthmarks on our thighs.”

10. ’’My wife and me, 39 years ago’’

11. “15 years later, walking down the aisle again — but this time, for our wedding!”

12. ’’My husband and me in the same preschool class at 3 years old.’

13. “My wife and I met at DQ over a banana split 35 years ago today. Every year we go back for another”

14. ’’Me in 1998, and my wife in 2000’’

15. ’’My wife and I, at about age 10, took the same vacation pic. We didn’t meet until we were 30.’’

Do you believe in destiny when it comes to love? Do you think that these similarities are simple coincidences or powerful signs from the universe?

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