15+ Deceptive Pictures That Can Make You Rub Your Eyes

2 years ago

Perspective can create many illusions that our eyes can’t recognize from the very first moment. This is because we are used to seeing things a certain way and anything different hits us in surprise. For example, we are not expecting to see a dog being in the driver’s seat, and if we do, then there is definitely a logical explanation.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is still very confused about these 16 pictures and would love to share the confusion with you.

1. A hand for a foot...

2. ’’My friend’s way of drying shoes scared me a bit.’’

3. “My drain hole”

4. ’’My dog dog fell asleep under a pillow and gave me a heart attack.’’

5. This is not a ciabatta ham sandwich that has been smushed.

6. “I have been looking at their hands for 5 minutes and I still have no clue whose hand it is on the left.”

7. ’’Somehow, he looks like we mounted him to the wall.’’

8. Looks like this man has a supernatural arm. Or does he?

9. ’’The shadow that was created from my light shade’’

10. Not a man brushing their teeth...

11. Looks like a black hole right in the middle of the kitchen.

12. He looks kind of incomplete.

13. ’’My puppy balancing a tiny cup on his head’’

14. “This empty microwave”

15. He’s otherwise actually quite angelic.

16. “Saw a dog driving a van yesterday. That bad boy was speeding.”

Have you ever seen something up close or in a picture that confused you so much that you had to stare closer in order to understand what was going on?

Preview photo credit itzdante2 / reddit


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