15 Funny Pictures That Are Guaranteed to Put You in a Good Mood in no Time

2 years ago

Scientists claim that it takes 43 muscles to create a smile. If this is true, then the 15 hilarious pictures we choose for this article will give your facial muscles a complete workout. From a toddler who mastered the art of playing hide-and-seek to funny faces our four-legged friends are making, these photos can’t leave anyone indifferent.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything had a good laugh while making this article, and we hope it’ll help you keep the blues at bay.

1. “Thanks, Apple. I’ll let her know.”

2. “My daughter saw the Bigfoot and said... ’Dad, take my picture with him!’”

3. “I didn’t think I’d actually loose in a hide-and-seek game with my nephew.”

4. “Hundreds of dollars on dog beds and this is all he wants.”

5. “Guy using his book as a pillow”

6. “I’m very patiently waiting for my fiancé to wake up so I can find out why there is a bite mark in the butter.”

7. “A substitute at my former high school walks around with this and tells students to, ’Have a grate day!’”

8. “Your thumb is mine!”

9. A great battle is upon us!

10. “Hello there, sir, do I have an offer for you!”

11. After a hard day’s derping...

12. “I asked my husband to buy some cheap plastic drinking cups so that we don’t break them. This is what he bought.”

13. “How’s it hangin’?”

14. “I fell asleep on the porch and woke up to this.”

15. “Someone knows what’s coming”

Which one of these got the most laughs out of you? And do you have something on your phone that can cheer everybody else up? We’d love to see it!

Preview photo credit NOCHNOY_ / Reddit


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