15 People Who Received a Bundle of Disappointment

2 years ago

The internet is so vast that it offers us thousands upon thousands of shopping choices. An estimated 12-24 million e-commerce shops exist around the world, and even more are being created day by day. However, not all of them are trustworthy and customers should be very careful about what they buy and from where.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is heartbroken by these 15 shopping fiascos, but we can’t help it and laugh about them.

1. “A Texas sized disappointment.”

2. “Creamy butterscotch drops...not so creamy.”

3. “Another warning of thinking it’s gonna look as cool as the advertisement. Go ahead, roast me.”

“I literally had to cut it off me with a pair of scissors!” © Jasonfrost3425 / reddit

4. Not quite the same...

5. “Warned my friend about buying online. Hope he learned his lesson.”

6. “Still tastes good, but looks like it’s come from someone’s tortured bowels.”

7. “Expectation vs reality after a 6-month backorder from West Elm”

8. “I’ve never seen such false advertising before. Dog food in a tortilla anyone?”

9. “I think they forgot the pink.”

10. “The laptop stand I ordered vs the laptop ’stand’ I got.”

11. “I bought an electric hobby drill for my plastic models, which turned out to be a plastic model itself.”

12. “Well, these ’fully dimmable’ lamps are a disappointment.”

13. “Are you kidding me?”

14. “What I ordered vs what I got”

15. “Merry Christmas everyone”

Did you ever purchase something that was advertised in the most perfect way but in reality it was a huge disappointment?

Preview photo credit aggadoo / reddit


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