15 Grown People Who Know How to Have Childlike Fun

2 years ago

Having a good sense of humor is great. You don’t get bored as easily, and friends and family love your jokes. What is more, research suggests that it’s connected to higher intelligence. Indeed, it is smart to sometimes look at things from a different perspective and laugh at different situations in your life instead of just being serious all the time.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some people whose lighthearted attitude can definitely make your day a little better.

1. “Sir, I’m pretty sure this is just a domestic flight.”

2. “I put googly eyes on my VR glasses and let my grandparents try them out.”

3. “Bank teller asked me to take the mask off. She just laughed...”

4. “My team said we were dressing as dominoes...”

5. Chopping onions is a very dangerous sport.

6. “If there’s a single line of footprints in the snow, I like to walk on the opposite step to make it look like one person was hopping.”

7. “My daughter had to draw the wings and feet of the dragon as homework.”

8. “10 years ago, I went to a party dressed as me 10 years in the future. Nobody realized it was a costume, and they avoided me all night.”

9. “My father took the time to do this to my mother, ladies and gentlemen.”

10. “I’m planning to move out, but some things are just hard to throw away.”

11. “My mom, sister, and I have a group text for glamour shots. Mom sent us a collage. We’re pretty people.”

12. “My buddy is a Dodgers fan. I’m a Giants fan. We had a friendly $20 bet on who would win the NLDS. Here is the $20 I will be giving him Monday.”

13. “Dad bought mom a new mask.”

14. “My friend had a newborn photoshoot with her dissertation.”

15. “Dad called my sister and me downstairs saying, ’Dinner is on the table.’”

Have you ever asked someone to be more serious, and they did something like the people from this article?

Preview photo credit Foolscap77 / Reddit


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