15 People Whose Extraordinary Genetics Can Stun the World

2 years ago

If our parents’ DNA was a jar of 6 pieces of candy combined, we’d get 3 pieces from them. It just happens sometimes that we get more than one of our parents’ “candy pieces.” That’s why you end up looking like their identical twin even though you’re a couple of decades younger.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to share some joy and show you 15 pictures where the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

1. “Not only did these couples marry twins, but their children are also quaternary twins, genetically brothers, and, of course, cousins.”

2. “I’m told that my newborn nephew has my face. I don’t see it.”

3. “24 years apart”

4. “My sister and I have one Italian parent and one Irish parent. Guess who got whose genes?”

5. “As I’ve gotten older, a lot of family and friends have noted how much I look like my late father.”

6. “My dad holding me, and me holding my baby girl”

7. “Genetics, you say? I guess it wasn’t the pool boy after all.”

8. “My dad and me, 1982 and 2021, both age 20, 39 years apart”

9. “My mom at age 26, and me at age 23 — Stonehenge, 34 years apart”

10. “My dad and me — genetics are pretty strong.”

11. “My 2 sons and me”

12. “25-year difference, but I’m playing the same part in the same show at the same university.”

13. “Like father, like son.”

14. “Me in third grade (left) and my mom in second grade (right) — yep, no denying it, she’s definitely my mom.”

15. “My dad and I, 38 years apart — thought I should post it here.”

Do you look like your parents’ identical twin? If so, do people confuse you for them on the street?

Preview photo credit Tigress_7 / reddit


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