15 Moving Pictures That Come With Emotional Baggage

year ago

There are various reasons people take pictures. Sometimes it’s because they feel good about themselves and other times because they have seen something amazing. For certain occasions though, they take pictures because they want a moment to stay with them forever. Memory fades with time, but a photo will always be there.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 15 moments that are so much more than just a picture.

1. “My 82 year old dad asleep with my yellow lab’s ear in hand.”

2. “We recently went on vacation and Mom watched the puppers. She has a frame that cycles pics, he walked by, saw us, and...”

3. “My daughter’s unicorn teddy, Steven, has a PEG just like her.”

4. “Skin cancer-free AND got a unicorn milkshake after surgery.”

5. “In order to really appreciate this SURVIVOR’S HUGE SMILE, you need to see what he looked like the day he was rescued.”

6. “My 70-year-old mom (right) and her sister got matching tattoos today!”

7. “I received flowers from the police department because I prevented a suicide last Saturday.”

8. “Today my 6-month-old rescue dog rescued a starving kitten. Still looking if the furball has owners somewhere.”

9. “Yesterday marks one year sober for me. Kinda proud of myself.”

10. “After about 9 months living in my car and most of my life with unstable housing, I finally have a home to call my own!”

11. “Grippo’s first time seeing snow”

12. “Our next-door neighbors are Syrian immigrants and speak very broken English. Got a knock on the door and this was at the doorstep.”

13. “My mom works at a doctor’s office and sent a photo of this patient who showed up without an appointment, smh.”

14. “Hey Mom, I made your favorite today. It’s only the second time I’ve baked anything since you passed.”

“I swear I could feel you with me in the kitchen. I miss you.”

15. “Look at his little hands clasped together as he patiently waits for his daily pretzels.”

Which one of the photos above touched you the most and do you have a similar story to share?

Preview photo credit Horcrux922 / reddit


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